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Preventing Pre-mature Skin Aging

While "preventing" pre-mature skin aging is a bold task and subject to definition of what is "pre-mature", certainly there are things we can do and products we can use that will help slow the tissue aging process and allow our skin to look and feel healthier, longer.

Prevention is any day better than cure and when it comes to your skin, one needs to be extra cautious. Negligence will only cause your skin to rebel and this can alter the course of nature, sometimes irreversibly.
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A few tips will help you a long way to delay and prevent pre-mature skin aging and keep those unsightly wrinkles, furrows and lines at bay. are the things you must do:
  • Avoid the sun (huge enabler of free-radical damage)
  • Moisturize (poor moisture content leads to all types of problems)
  • Aid firming (either with a wrinkle cream or body firming/tightening lotion)

Beware of the sun

UV rays are a major killer when it comes to pre mature skin aging. If skin is exposed unprotected to the sun, the UV rays can play havoc on the skin. The regular application of a broad spectrum sunscreen therefore cannot be stressed enough for proper skin care.

Photoaging, as it usually referred to can lead to freckles, age spots, spider veins, premature wrinkles, blotchy complexion and sometimes even skin cancer.

Repeated sun exposure breaks the skin collagen and the skin loses its ability to renew itself in a normal pattern. So a broad spectrum SPF is the best bet to prevent premature skin aging from the sun rays. If you can, avoid the sun between 10 am to 4pm when the UV rays are in their strongest form.


Biochemical changes begin to occur in bodies which are subjected to cigarette smoking. Premature facial wrinkling, yellowish skin tone and leathery skins are the signs seen in people who have been smoking for long years.

Sleeping Positions

Resting the face on your pillow every night is another cause of facial wrinkles which develop over a course of time. These lines or wrinkles are often referred to as sleep lines which usually begin to appear on the chin and cheeks. These sleep lines become etched on the face and are sometimes irreversible. Sleeping on the back is therefore a safer way and this sleeping position can prevent those sleep lines from appearing on the face.

Facial Expressions

Facial exercises are a good to maintain youthful skin. Repetitive movement of the facial muscles, frowning etc. can lead to premature frown lines, groves, lines or wrinkles.


Both intake and application of antioxidants is the best strategy to prevent those unsightly wrinkles from appearing. Intake of Vitamin C as well as application of Vitamin C serums or creams prevents free radical damage, prevents the breakdown of collagen as well as promotes the building of collagen which is vital for maintaining a youthful complexion and thereby promotes skin health.

Wrinkle Treatment

Early detection of deep wrinkles or burrows allows for the use of effective wrinkle treatment that smooths lines and hydrates skin on the face and neck. Wrinkles are most often caused by free-radical cellular damage.

As time goes on, elastin fibers and collagen break down and elasticity is lost and skin dries, leaving cratered lines and crevices. Without firming or additional hydration, the density and depth of wrinkles increase and become harder to smooth. Wrinkle treatment smooths the skin and helps to eliminate formation.

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