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Phase 2 Kit for Early Stages of Thinning Hair
Phase 2 Kit for Early Stages of Thinning Hair

Our most popular products for early stages of thinning and hair loss!

Our best selling hair growth shampoo and conditioner, hair vitamins, and hair stimulator spray for the early stages of thinning hair.

  • Stimulates new, healthy hair growth
  • Improves scalp circulation + helps block DHT
  • Provides balanced nutrition to slow or stop thinning
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Size: For The Early Stages of Thinning Hair

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Phase 2 Kit Hair Loss Program

For the early stages of thinning hair

Phase 2 Hair Loss Program for early stages of thinning hair program was developed to provide aid to those experiencing the second signs of hair loss, thinning or shedding. Try our new Phase 2!! It has our top selling growth shampoo and conditioner, Awaken & Replenish.

Phase 2 Hair Loss Program is the perfect solution if you have noticed and experienced visible and measurable thinning. This thinning can be caused by a number of factors including stress, diet, harsh chemicals, styling aids or hair products, accumulation of DHT in the scalp, or simply aging.

Phase 2 provides you with the tools and products to help arrest thinning before it gets out of control, and possible irreversible. You get...

  • Awaken & Replenish Shampoo - Our most popular shampoo to promote hair growth and fight thinning and loss. A Trichogen-based formula that stimulates scalp circulation, adds vital minerals and vitamins, and gently cleans with a paraben-free formula.
  • Awaken & Replenish Conditioner - Adds silk proteins and amino acids to help strengthen protein bonds - the building blocks of the follicle. Awake & Replenish Conditioner also provides deep conditioning to improve overall hair health
  • Hair Nutrition Vitamins - The best-selling daily supplement for improving hair health. A carefully formulated blend of B-complex vitamins, Biotin, Niacin, minerals and amino acids to ensure your diet has the balance needed for the fastest and healthiest hair growth.
  • Nourish Follicle Stimulator - A leading topical hair stimulator with Trichogen stimulates circulation to the scalp and helps block testosterone into DHT - the primary cause of pattern balding in men!
These are some of our most effective products for thinning hair...especially early stages that require a focus on hair growth!

Awaken & Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner have been our best-selling hair products for early and late stages of thinning - but most importantly for promoting and encouraging healthier, fast hair growth.

It also has our Nourish Hair Nutrition Vitamins that have more amino acids than any other vitamin as well as "Biotin". And last but not least, Nourish Follicle Stimulator. This also has the key ingredient "Trichogen" this is a combination of 18+ different herbal extracts.

It comes from France and has been tested and proven to put hair back in to the Anagen Phase which is "New Growth". The Nourish Follicle Stimulator has more Trichogen than the shampoo & conditioner this will speed up the growth process. It is easy to apply with our sprayer. The vitamins also come in an easy to swallow tablet.
Phase Hair Loss Products

Made in the USA
  • Promotes and encourages hair growth
  • Helps arrest hair loss and early stages of thinning
  • Awaken & Replenish shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair Nutrition Vitamins
  • Nourish Follicle Stimulator
  • Improves scalp circulation and follicle development
  • Helps block DHT
  • Our best products for early stages of thinning and hair loss