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Phase 4 Kit for Severe Hair Loss
Phase 4 Kit for Severe Hair Loss

Our Most Complete Hair Loss Program!

A complete regimen to renew natural growth for those suffering from severe hair loss!

  • Helps blocks DHT + deep cleans impurities, chemicals and bacteria
  • Provides balanced nutrition for healthy, fast growing hair!
  • Concentrated Trichogen & Zinc PCA formulas
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Size: A Complete Hair Loss Program for Severe Hair Loss

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Phase 4 Kit for Severe Hair Loss

For Severe Hair Loss

What is Phase 4 Hair Loss Program? Phase 4 is a complete system for restoring growth and arresting hair loss!

A complete regimen of all our most effective products giving you the best opportunity to promote and encourage new growth, stop thinning and balding from alopecia, provide balanced nutrition needed for new follicle development, and to block DHT - the primary cause of hair loss in men and a primary contributor of thinning in women.

Phase 4 provides a total process for invigorating and stimulating faster growing hair by exciting and promoting the Anagen growth period (First Phase) of follicle development. You get...

  • Awaken & Replenish hair growth shampoo and conditioner - Rich in Trichogen to stimulate scalp circulation and aid in blocking DHT. A refreshing combination that promotes hair growth while deep cleaning and conditioning
  • Follicleanse Shampoo - Our best selling Zinc PCA shampoo effective for blocking DHT and for cleaning oil, bacteria and contaminants from the scalp. Follicleanse is one of our most effective DHT shampoos for men and women. Recommended as a once a week cleanser when used with Awaken & Replenish.
  • Anastim Ha - Our strongest, non-prescription topical hair stimulant spray. An 8% Trichogen formula ensures you have the best DHT blocking strength with natural botanicals that encourage follicle health and growth.
  • Dermal An - Our strongest direct-scalp topical application. A 12% Trichogen complex for spot application to balding or hair loss areas.
  • Hair Nutrition Vitamins - Our best daily supplement to provide you with over 14 vitamins and 20 amino acids and minerals that have been proven necessary for encouraging hair health, strength and growth.
Advanced nutrients through supplements, shampoo, conditioner and DHT blocking topical applications target the most common causes of loss and thinning in men and women by using hair growing vitamins.

Deep cleansing formulas formulated with Zinc PCA and Trichogen work to neutralize DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that is a leading cause of male balding, while enhanced conditioners and supplements provide amino acids, proteins, and essential nutrients needed for healthy growth, strength and thickness! That is why we use the best vitamins for hair growth.

How Does Phase 4 Work? 3 Important Ways

Phase 4 Complete Hair loss Kit targets new growth and stopping hair loss with a "Trifecta" solution aimed at proper cleansing to remove impurities, stimulate Anagen Phase elongation, and ensure necessary vitamins for improved health:

Follicle Stimulation- You get an advanced root stimulator and a concentrated topical application designed to invigorate root and bulb development, while blocking conversion of enzymatic proteins to DHT. Our best-selling spray is designed for daily use to encourage new growth with a complex of 14 botanical extracts that have been proven to help neutralize DHT and accelerate shaft development. Our concentrated topical application is used for spot applications where shedding or balding has begun - providing increased strength and results to stop loss in its tracks!

Cleansing and Conditioning- You also get our best-selling shampoo and conditioner for hair growth. These products are formulated to wash-away impurities, bacteria, dirt and oils that inhibit normalized growth. A fresh, minty and citrus fragrance livens up the day while a complex blend of active ingredients infuse moisture, repair damage to the hair and scalp, and promote health.

Improved Nutrition- A common source of loss is due to lack of or inadequate amounts of Omega 3's, amino acids and proteins needed for follicle construction. Hormonal changes, harsh chemicals, poor diet, and medication can strip nutrients, decrease blood flow to the scalp, and leave the follicle cortex and bulb starved of nutrients. Our popular and most effective hair growing vitamins provide all the B-12, Vitamin A & E, and a host of amino acids to supplement your diet for healthy hair growth, we really think these are the best vitamins for hair growtth.

A Complete Daily-Use, Natural Solution for Loss & Thinning

For Women:

Phase 4 Complete Hair Loss Kit for Severe Hair Loss targets and removes problems and inhibitors. For women, female hair loss is often the result of changes in hormones during menopause or pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives, medications, natural aging or chemical residue from use of questionable or damaging shampoos or styling products.

Traction Alopecia, scalp diseases such as dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, and environmental hazards such as pesticides and insecticides, and iron-deficiency or anemia can break-down or weaken proteins sending follicles into "shock" increasing chances of breaking, diffuse hair loss, and visible or chronic thinning. That is why finding a good hair vitamin is so important, we have the best vitamins for hair growth for women.

Our advanced program addresses all the causes the non-genetic causes of female hair loss and substantially promotes growth.

For Men:

Environmental factors play a key role, but DHT is the number one culprit of male pattern balding. DHT "chokes" the follicle root of nutrition, blood supply and fluids. Neutralizing DHT can help stop pattern balding and balancing supplements fight effects of work-related stress that can have measurable effects of hormonal balances.

Blocking DHT, cleansing bacteria, oil and dirt that clog pores and the root improve your hair's health; and lon-term, consistent application and use have proven to show positive results in the majority of users.

Get The Results You Want & Need - Guaranteed!

HealthyHairPlus and Phase Hair Loss Products are the leading manufacturers of advanced hair loss and growth solutions. Thousands of satisfied customers have been using our products since 1996 with satisfied, effective results.

All of our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Our focus is providing the best results through carefully researched products! It doesn't do us or you any good to market or develop solutions that don't work. All of our hair loss products undergo testing, evaluation, expert analysis and consulting - and, the real proof comes from customer and user feedback!

If you don't get the results you want, return the unused portions for a complete 30-day refund.

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Made in the USA

  • A total regimen to renew growth for men and women
  • Cleans oils, dirt and product residue
  • Increases strength and follicle health
  • Provides super-effective vitamins and minerals for growth
  • Blocks and neutralizes DHT to combat loss, thinning & pre-mature shedding
  • Our most advanced products - now in a complete kit!