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Our Picks of The Best Pomades

Pomades have a vibrant history but they didn’t become popular for men until the 1950s when those in the world of Rock n' Roll used them to slick back their hair. Throughout the years, different hair styles, both for men and women, have developed that require pomades. Although pomades experienced a decline in their use among men, they have come back into style and now women with natural hair, as well as men are the largest market for these styling aids.

Choosing a Pomade

When it comes to selecting the best pomade, it will vary greatly from person to person depending on hair type and what you want to get out of the product. People with longer hair, for example, tend to need medium-hold pomades such as Sebastian Professional Molding Mud. Those with thick strands or shafts prone to frizz, will need something specifically designed to counter it such as Wella Professionals Dry Smooth Brilliance Shine Pomade. This product can keep hair frizz free and create soft definition without a greasy appearance. Because of these differences, the best product for one person may not work as well with someone else.

Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

Murray’s is one of the oldest brands and has stood the test of time dating back to 1925. In addition to being one of the best, it is also one of the easiest products to find in local stores. It only has three ingredients: perfume, mineral oil and Vaseline but is incredibly popular among those who want a strong hold. Although this pomade is fairly versatile, those with thicker strands will see the best results using it.

Royal Crown

Another brand that has been around for decades and is one of the best is Royal Crown. This brand first appeared in 1938 and includes olive oil as well as perfume and Vaseline. It is perfect for those who want a bit of shine on their head and only need a medium hold.

Dr. Rubin’s Firm

In addition to being 100% natural, the pomades from Dr. Rubin’s are handmade which ensures each tin is of the highest quality. This is a petroleum brand and is excellent at taming even the messiest hair in the morning.

Oyin Handmade

Oyin Handmade makes products that work perfectly for natural strands and you can find two fragrances: Sugar Berries and Burnt Sugar. What really sets this one apart from the others is that it is completely natural so you don’t have to worry about chemicals damaging your hair shafts. Sugar is one of the ingredients, so you have to make sure to heat it up well between your hands before using, but it provides superior moisture retention and a medium to soft hold.

Koils by Nature Pomades

Koils is another excellent option for those with natural hair who don’t want to use chemicals. The ingredients are mostly essential oils and there is no alcohol content to damage the hair strands. The medium hold is perfect for most occasions and hair types.