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Oily Skin Care Routine

If you have oily skin then you may have problems with acne and other types of oily skin drama.

Your forehead is probably shiny even right after you wash it. You will notice your face feels greasy and dirty. This happens when your skin produces too much oil. This generally happens in your t-zone. Which is your forehead, down your nose around oily skin care your mouth and on your chin.

If you do, then this oily skin routine can help!

Steps to an Oil-Free ComplexionNourish face wash for oily skin

  • Wash good, wash often! Chronic oil production may be hereditary or caused by environmental factors. Keeping your complexion free of dirt, personal care products and excess oil is your first step towards keeping you face clean and oil-free. Alcohol-free and Paraben-free face washes are recommended. It is generally suggested you use an organic or herbal-based face wash 2-3 times per day. This will help control sebaceous gland over-activity without drying-out your skin.
  • Use a Toner! The highest concentrations of oil on your face are in the "T Zone", the area around your forehead, along your nose and chin. This area has the highest concentration of sebaceous glands, thus the biggest oily skin problems, including acne and blemishes. Use a oily skin toner with Zinc PCA to help control oil in these areas. A spot treatment in the morning and evening will work wonders.
  • A weekly masque helps! For severe oiliness, use a face masque (mask) once a week. Again, those with Zinc PCA are best suited for helping control secretions while giving your face a moisturizing treatment to avoid drying and flaking.

Make sure you find a cleanser with zinc pca and jojoba oil, these help regulate sebum production and aid in slowing down oily skin. Another thing you can do to help your skin is to use a microderm abrasion cream to help remove dead skin a clogged pores. Once the dead skin is wiped away new skin can develop healthy and happy.

If you experience too much drying, complete your routine with a non-oil, natural complexion cream with Zinc PCA.

So you want to use a toner on your face a few times daily and wash at least twice. Then once a week you will want to use a microderm abrasion cream to help clear away clogs. Finally moisturization is the key dehydrated skin can easily have problems so"hydrate" daily. This oily skin care routine will help from getting oil build up and stop breakouts.

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