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Oily Scalp Treatment

When your hair is oily if you do not wash it right before you style it you might as well give up. And if you go a day with out washing it you will not be able to fix your hair at all. So why does this happen you may wonder? If you have oily hair the oils actually adhere to the hair causing it to stiffen and stand at attention.Follicleanse oily scalp treatment

No matter why type of hair you have oily hair can be hard to deal with. You have to take different factors into consideration when it comes to oily hair like hair type, thick hair has just as much chance to be oily as thin hair. Where as redheads have a 1 in 10 chance of having oily hair, blondes have a 1/4 chance and brunettes have a 1/2 chance of having oily scalp.

Other outside factors can cause oily hair like extreme heat, hormones and stress. For men hormones and stress and the two biggest factors when it comes to oily hair and for women it is heat and hormones.

Treatment for Oily Scalp

There are many things you can do to treat scalp oils. Shampooing every day can keep the oils at bay even if you have really oily hair. During the summertime this is very important because scalp oils can cause scalp acne which can lead to breakouts. When washing your hair use a clarifying shampoo to help wash away oils and product build up.

After washing your hair try not to mess with it that much, if you do your scalp will produce more oil than normal. When washing your hair leave the shampoo in at least two minutes for it to work. Do not condition your hair because it is oily enough. Find shampoos which witch hazel in them, they are great for your scalp and help cleanse away any buildup. Also, with excess oil, you may experience flaking and similar symptoms to dandruff or psoriasis. Look for the best dandruff shampoo that can control sebaceous glands as well as helping heal your scalp.

Try to take it easy stressing out causes more oils which can lead to oily hair and flaking, learn to relax and your hair will thank you. Check your medications some medications can cause hormones to rage which will lead to hair oils. Also any shampoos with lemon grass of lemon or orange extract can help cut oils.

Choose Follicleanse hair products - the best fpr oily hair or scalp formulated with Zinc, Panthenol and herbal extracts such as thyme, Sage and Fenugreek.

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