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How Does Niacin Strengthen Hair?

Niacin is a natural vitamin that helps a lot of bodily processes run more smoothly. As an effect of this efficiency, parts of the body are able to become healthier and stronger.

Of the many benefits of niacin is the development of strong, thick hair. In order to understand how an enzyme from healthy foods (or dietary supplements) is taken and able to affect thicker, stronger hair, you need to understand how follicles develop and grow.

How Is Hair Created?follicleanse hair vitamins with niacin

Each cell in the human body has a special purpose. Some cells under your scalp, known as follicles, take in nutrients and put them together like the pieces to a puzzle to form hair. In three stages, the cells are synchronized and the hair grows. These three phases are known as Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen - with Anagen being the most important with regards to growth and strength.

Why Does it Weaken?

Hair can weaken for a number of different reasons. The cells that produce hair could stop working, or the vitamins that are used for production and development can run out - read deficiency. A purpose of Niacin is to help resolve each of these issues.

Niacin, along with other vitamins such as the now popularized keratin, are put together to form hair. However, there is a limited supply of these vitamins in the body at any given time, so it is possible to experience deficiencies. This could be caused by poor diet choices or stress. In addition, there could be a higher demand for niacin in other parts of the body. The body prioritizes what functions are the most important to stay alive, so if someone has a heart condition, niacin is transported to the heart to relieve chest pain. While this is vital to stay alive, your beautiful locks are suffering. However, by taking in more niacin, your reserve is replenished and your hair can be restored to its healthier state.

Another possibility is that the cells that produce hair just stop working. This is usually due to poor blood circulation around the scalp, which also causes dry skin (dandruff-like symptoms). The blood carries adenosine triphosphate to all of the cells of the body, which the cells use as energy.

If there is less blood circulation, less ATP is reaching the cells. In turn, the cells stop working as efficiently and eventually shut down. This is comparable to the average office worker working nonstop all day, but then the next Monday morning you deprive him of sleep and deny him coffee. Niacin is truly a miracle vitamin because it solves this problem all on its own. Not only does niacin promote good blood circulation, which gives the cells their energy, it is then transported in the blood to reach the cells, also giving them the materials needed to “build” a hair shaft.

How Do I Get Niacin To My Hair Follicles

Many conditioners meant to treat dry hair and scalp contain niacin, so by applying the vitamins niacin reaches its destination. Your doctor may also prescribe you niacin pills to take daily, which can also treat other health issues. Otherwise, research food that is rich in niacin such as turkey, red meats, and vegetables. Another option is to use shampoos, conditioners or supplements with daily requirements of Niacin. Most over-the-counter Niacin shampoo are enriched with the vitamin and can be absorbed into the follicle to improve strength.

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