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How Nettles And Rosemary Spark New Hair Growth

Many people, both men and women, are unsatisfied with the rate of their hair growth. With men, the problem can also be a concern over hair loss. Whether you want to slow down the loss or simply improve your growth rate, herbal remedies are a good way to promote growth naturally. While they do not always work as quickly as chemical based alternatives, they are all natural so you are much less likely to experience any side effects. Two of the most common herbs used to help spark new hair growth are nettles and rosemary.Vitamin Shampoo with nettles and rosemary

How Nettles Work

Though you can’t expect immediate results when using nettles to promote new hair growth over time, you will start to see noticeable changes. Nettles promote hair growth through stimulating the blood flow. This stimulation increases the productivity of the hair follicles which will stimulate hair growth. In addition, nettles also oxygenate the hair follicles which in turn strengthen the fibers; giving you fuller, shinier and healthier hair as well as helping you create new hair growth.

How You Use Nettles

When using nettles to promote new hair growth, you have several options. Most herbal supply stores and health food stores will carry nettles in hair growth vitamins. Most experts suggest that you take a 250 mg capsule three times each day. You can also create a natural conditioner using bulk nettle leaf that you purchase in the same stores. You place the leaf in olive oil and allow it to distill for a period of two weeks, at which point you can use it like any other conditioner, leaving it in either for a few minutes or overnight. After you use it, you should rinse and shampoo.

How Rosemary Works

Like nettles, one of the main ways in which rosemary works to help spark new hair growth is that it increases the circulation to your scalp - this makes it an ideal ingredient for hair growth shampoo such as Bioten®, Awaken & Replenish® or Prominox® (that also uses Minoxidil® and Trichogen®). Because your scalp’s circulation is increased, more nutrients are delivered to both your hair and your scalp which in turn will improve the health of your hair’s cells, making them more likely to grow and to be stronger. Rosemary also stimulates the follicles to produce more which in turn causes strength and growth.

How You Use Rosemary

There are several options for using rosemary. You can purchase rosemary tea and simply drink it or you can find rosemary oil. Usually you will use rosemary oil directly on your scalp although you can also mix it with other herbs that stimulate hair growth such as nettles, sage, horsetail and aloe vera. Instead of drinking the rosemary tea, you can also choose to use it to create a hair rinse. Another option is to use the it to create a vinegar rinse that is infused with rosemary. No matter which method you choose for applying nettles and rosemary, you will start seeing new hair growth shortly after you start.
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