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Whatís New in Menís Hair Products

Hair products tend to focus mostly on women but in recent years, menís products have begun to enter the market as well. Although men used to be limited in terms of hair products to basic shampoos, gels and mousse, there are now multiple options available including pomades and even new product lines from big names such as Old Spice and LíOreal.


Although pomades seem like a new idea to many men, they have actually been around for decades and have simply been forgotten. They used to be greasy and always have a firm hold but now there are a range of options in terms of hold and many brands wonít leave that greasy feeling. Pomades are growing in popularity because of their ability to hold style while simultaneously adding texture and shine. This product is perfect for hair that is short to medium in length and each container lasts for a long time because only a small quantity is needed to style.

Old Spiceís New Lines

Old Spice has been one of the most popular brands for menís deodorant and cologne for years and this year they started a new line of hair products for men that is worth checking out. This line includes a range of shampoos as well as 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners that come in some of the popular scents from the brandís deodorant line. In addition to the basic products, they also have a range of styling products including a pomade, a paste, a molding putty and a spiking glue. The range allows men to select the right styling product for their type and style needs.

LíOreal Elvive

One of the biggest problems that men face is a receding hairline or thinning locks and in many cases the problems causing this loss starts in the hair follicles themselves. There is a new line of products from LíOreal Elvive for Men including the Triple Resist Hair Loss Targeting System. This system contains taurine and arginine, both amino acids that have been linked to preventing hair loss. In fact, arginine is one of the amino acids that make up hair fibers so its addition can be incredibly beneficial as it strengthens the shafts. This Triple Resist line works by strengthening the shaft which in turn can protect the strands and follicles from damage which could lead to individual strands falling out.

Regaine for Men Foam

Another new product that fights loss is Regaine for Men Foam. This product is effective because its active ingredient is Minoxidil, which increases the blood flow in the scalp. By increasing the scalpís blood flow, Minoxidil in turn stimulates the follicles by increasing the flow of oxygen and other essential nutrients to them. Any shrunken follicles will receive these nutrients, allowing new growth and increased thickness. This product can even encourage the follicles to switch from the resting phase of hair growth to the growth phase.