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5 Things to Look for in a Spider Vein Cream

Good spider vein cream can be an affordable and simple method of treating the unsightly spider veins. Most of the women prefer the avoiding the clinical treatments or they simply cannot afford to visit the doctor’s offices. For all those in this situation, the spider veins creams are the readily available help.

Most of the cosmetic companies have taken advantage of the high demand for the tropical treatments and released one or more spider vein creams in to the market some of these cosmetic companies use high levels of the natural active ingredients in those creams so as to provide the alternatives for the clinical treatment of the spider veins.

If you are worried about whether the spider vein cream really works, there are several clinical studies which have come to the conclusion that are quite encouraging. The scientists at first become interested in knowing more about the natural ingredients based on the anecdotal evidence. Most of the clinical studies which have been conducted tend to support the claims that are made by the cosmetic companies that make the spider vein cream.

There are some 5 time tested and proven ingredients that have been found to be quite effective. You need to ensure the cream that you purchase contains all these ingredients. These ingredients from the 5 things to look for in a spider vein cream. These include the following:-

  • Vitamin K: In the clinical studies, vitamin K has shown great effectiveness in the repairing of the veins and capillaries. It is widely used by the doctors and other healthcare professionals in reducing the appearance of the spider veins and bruises.

  • Leopard's Bane: This herbal preparation has been in since 1960's in Europe. It is used in the treatment of various conditions of veins such as the spider veins. It has shown effectiveness in enhancing the stability of the veins, reducing inflammation and improving the circulation.

  • Mediterranean Cypress Extract: This is an extract which has for very long time been used as herbal treatment of varicose and spider veins. It has shown great effectiveness in reducing the inflammation and also improving the tone of the vein walls. It also mends the tiny leaks in the capillaries and veins and also strengthens and improves the vein walls elasticity.

  • Solomon Seal Extract: This has the effect of strengthening and toning the veins as well as lessening the inflammation and swelling. It also relieves the cramping, numbness and the heavy sensation feeling in the legs that is common in spider veins.

  • Aloe Vera Juice: This is popularly known because of its anti-oxidation properties. It has also shown great effectiveness in the strengthening of the connective tissues as well as reducing the aging skin effects.

There are various studies which have come to the conclusion that these 5 things to look for in a spider vein cream are quite effective. For the best results, you must apply them topically as advised and recommended by the medical practitioner. They work by improving the overall health of the veins and by reducing the visibility of the spider veins.