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List Of Top Sulfate-Free Shampoo Brands

Sulfates - generally in the form of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate - are common ingredients in many shampoos and other cleaning products. They provide the "suds and foaming action" that allow shampoos to lather, and they are deep cleansing agents. While this may sound good, because they are harsh chemicals, they can strip your hair of oil, color and moisture.

From a consumer's perspective (and manufacturer), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (commonly referred to as SLS) is considered the most harmful. The "Laureth" version is consider gentle, yet still effective; and, it is often used in sulfate-free brands such as Pureology, sFree, and ABBA to protect color-treated hair without stripping nutrients and natural oils.

The oil produced in your follicles coats each strand and protects it from drying out and becoming brittle. The oil also helps to protect your hair from sunlight, as well as dirt and other pollutants in the air. Stripping it of oil makes it more prone to breakage, and if you color your hair, it causes your color to fade more quickly.

Fortunately, there are a number of sulfate-free shampoos brands that will cleanse your hair of dirt and excess oil without stripping and damaging it. Sulfate-free shampoos also do not contaminate water and the ground with chemical runoff like regular shampoos do. Although some of the following were designed for babies, they can be used on adults as well. Here's our list of the top sulfate-free shampoo brands.

California Babies

This is a very mild shampoo that is great for those with sensitive skin. In addition, it works well on those with skin conditions, such as scalp psoriasis, because the formula will not irritate the scalp. It is sulfate and fragrance free, providing cleansing without stripping hair.

sFree Hair Productssfree brand sulfate-free hair products

sFree (pronounced as one word "sssffreee" not "s-free" ;)) is probably our favorite sulfate-free brand of hair products...certainly the best-selling.

The products are SLS-free, paraben-free, and most are sodium-free as well. The line consists of a moisture, clarifying and growth shampoos and conditioners and there is a "sub-brand" category dedicated to Emu Oil-based products that are very popular in Australia and New Zealand and are gaining substantial popularity in the US and Europe.

sfree products are color-safe for color-treated or highlighted hair and are gentle on perms or hair that has been chemically enhanced, relaxed or straightened. The sfree Clarify Shampoo is an excellent sulfate free dandruff of the few without SLS and sulfates.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

This is another shampoo that is formulated for use on babies, but works equally well on adults. It is a mild, gentle formula that does not contain sulfates or other chemicals that dry hair out.

ABBA Pure Curls>

Formerly called True Curls before its recent makeover, this is a great, sulfate-free shampoo for curly hair. It works equally well on both natural curls and perms. As an added bonus, this product is not tested on animals, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Jonathan Add Moisture Shampoo

This will make your hair clean and shiny without stripping and damaging it. It also provides more lather than many sulfate-free shampoos. It has a refreshing, tropical scent that provides a lingering smell of coconuts and mangoes, but no harsh chemicals.

Ole Henriksen Natural Hair Wash With Sea Kelp

Another gentle formula, this includes multiple natural ingredients, including sea kelp, awupuhi, and kukui nut, that hydrate. The formula also contains plumeria and chamomile, which provide body and bounce to hair and increases the shine. It is free of harsh chemicals, including sulfates.


This company manufacturers an entire line of sulfate-free shampoos. The various formulas have been created for specific types and specific functions, such as enhancing color or repairing dry, damaged hair. Each provides cleansing with a mild formula that will not strip.

Tigi Bedhead Superstar Hair

With many natural ingredients, including green tea, guru kola, and no sulfates, this line of hair care products has been formulated for assorted types. There are bottles for those with oily, dry, color treated and more, so that regardless of type, you can use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Follow this link to find out more about sulfate free shampoo brands.

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sfree CLARIFY Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo Sfree Clarify Shampoo Buy One Get One Free

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