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Does Keratin Shampoo Make Hair Stronger

Keratin improves the protein bonds of the follicle and follicle shaft. This improves flexibility, pliability and strengthens bonds making hair stronger, shiner and resistant to damage and breaking.

Because keratin shampoo is made from natural, gentle ingredients, it will not damage hair. It is made without those ingredients prone to chemically attack hair and hair follicles. These shampoos are not limited to just preventing damage, they also increase health and reverse some existing damage of your hair. With its innate property of enveloping hair shafts, the strength of each single hair is enhanced by keratin shampoo.

Stronger, healthier, enveloped hair results in thicker, shinier and more luxurious hair.

How Does This Shampoo Prevent Hair From Breaking

When keratin bonds to the hair shaft, it forms a very strong but flexible envelope. This protects hair not only from outside damage; it also protects it from breaking because of brittle and dry texture. Acting almost like a vitamin pill, keratin shampoo provides supplemental vitamins to the overall hair health. It adds elasticity to hair preventing breakage from hair that is dry. With the elastic properties and the armor of protection around each hair, split ends are also a part of the past.

How Else Does Hair Get Stronger With This Shampoo

Even if your hair does not break easily, you may want to keep the sleek look of straight, silky, long hair after your hair treatment. Using a keratin shampoo complements and maintains what was achieved by the treatment. Keratin shampoo intensifies and reinforces the positive results from the treatment by giving the hair a little extra help with nutrients and vitamins every time it is washed. Each hair is hydrated by the use of this shampoo from its tip to its root. Clean, strong hair for months after a hair treatment is the best testimony for any shampoo. Additionally, formulas that include Niacin, Biotin and Trichogen make excellent hair regrowth products for their ability to get hair lost growing again.

Does The Shampoo Work For Any Hair Type

It does not matter what type of hair you have. Your hair will benefit from using keratin shampoo.

If you have frizzy hair, the shampoo will help to smooth it. If your hair is dry, this shampoo will hydrate the hair to give it a fuller, plumper appearance in every single shaft. If your hair is very curly and breaks easily, the shampoo will help to protect from breakage and lessen the tightness of the curl. Environmental toxins do their damage every day on uncovered areas of the body.

This shampoo replenishes the vitamins and moisture depleted by these toxins. Keratin shampooed hair leaves hair fresh and beautifully clean. There may be a slightly different feeling in its texture because of the deep cleaning the hair undergoes. You can supplement cleansing with hair growth stimulators - many are formulated with Kerain and not only assist improved strength but stimulate scalp circulation for better nutrient delivery. Soft and silky to the touch, keratin shampooed hair makes any hair beautiful.

How Does The Shampoo Affect Colored Hair

Keratin Shampoo is actually recommended for colored hair. Right after coloring, washing hair with keratin shampoo aids in locking in the color. This will allow more time between coloring without fading and loss of sheen. This shampoo will immediately return some of the nutrients that have been stripped from hair through the coloring process. Hair remains healthy and not subject to looking dry and listless.