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Keratin Hair Treatment, What You Need to Know

What haven't we done to our hair, i mean seriously, heat treatments, make it straighter, add color, braid it, spray it and mold it. Face it the average women is hard on her hair, and it can only take it for so long before it starts showing stress. The question is how to reverse this, and what i found is amazing, keratin hair treatment.

What is a keratin hair treatment?

Basically it helps rebuild, smooth and straighten worn hair, to help get is vitality back. It helps fight frizz and stop humidity, while it adds shine and helps make your hair healthy. Typically Keratin treatments are supplemented with Biotin. Biotin helps breakdown nutrients into "pieces" that help build Keratin chains - improving strength, smoothness, shine, and helping to repair damage from heat and chemicals.

It can stay in your hair anywhere from 90-150 days, (it depends on how often you wash your hair). It takes around 3 hours to do and costs anywhere from $250-$500.

You also need a special shampoo to use after the treatment, this is important you need to use a sulfate free shampoo. If not you can end up damaging your hair. Overall the treatment is pretty fun.

So here is what you can expect if you get this done. First of all, it is totally worth it and your hair will be totally different after the treatment so get ready, you will love it. You will start out by getting your hair washed with a clarifying shampoo like our Follicleanse. It will help open up your pores so the treatment will work better.

Once that is done they will dry it completely and start applying the treatment until you hair is fully involved. It will set for about a half hour then they rinse it out. Then they will dry your hair again and begin using a flat iron to straighten it (for about the next week it was super straight but then it got some life back into it).

You cannot wash your hair for around 3 days after the treatment, you also can't get it wet including sweat or rain. No clips, ties, bows or any other hair accessories, you can't even but it behind your ears on in a ponytail.

Once they are done your hair will look rock star shiny and it will be super straight. Your hair will look young and vibrant. By the time you get around to washing it for the first time it looks fantastic, please remember use a sodium laurel sulfate free shampoo. Sodium can strip your hair, and believe me that is not what you want.

It will leave you hair so shiny, straight and totally frizz free you will be shocked. So overall i think that a in-home keratin hair treatment with Kepatos products is great if you use the right shampoo after the treatment. Your hair will look amazing.
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