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Using Jojoba Oil for Dry Hair

Advanced Treatment for Dryness

We often subject our hair to a certain amount of abuse causing even the healthiest hair to become dry. A dip in a swimming pool that is overly chlorinated or over-exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can cause your scalp and hair to become dry.

Harsh chemicals from over the counter hair products including shampoos, styling gels, permanents, hair color and hair relaxers can also result in dry hair. A decrease in sebum production as we age is yet another factor that causes dry hair.

Not only does dry hair look dull and lifeless; it is also difficult to style and manage. Moreover, it is extremely brittle and weak and will break easily while combing or styling.

While regular treatments at a hair salon would help strengthen and restore the shine of dry hair, it can also be a very expensive solution. Instead, natural oils are the best and most inexpensive way to restore the health of your hair.

Restoring the Balance with Jojoba Oil

Colorless, odorless and non-greasy, jojoba oil is an ideal conditioner and moisturizer for dry hair. A natural product derived from a desert plant, Simmondsia Chinensis, it is similar in composition to the sebum that protects the hair shaft.

It cleans hair deeply and thoroughly without adding any harsh chemicals found in many other shampoos. If the water in your home is especially hard, you should not use it to wash your hair if at all possible.

Calcium and other minerals found in hard water can worsen dry hair problems. By using jojoba oil products in your hair with bottled water or water that has been treated with a softener, you can get even greater results.

Jojoba oil is often used as an ingredient in many of the priciest shampoos, but can take any shampoo to a whole new level of moisture and repair - you choose the shampoo and add it when you wash. For a deeper conditioning treatment, apply pure alone before bedtime.

Jojoba oil can put luster and hydration back into hair whether it is caused by the body not producing enough sebum or whether it is caused by the sebum being stripped away from external forces, perms, coloring or wind and sun.

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