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How Does Zinc Control Oily Hair

Hair can vary from dry and brittle, to oily, flat and riddled with flaky skin. Looking for the right products to produce healthy, beautiful locks can require research.

If you’re dealing with oily hair one thing you’re may want to look for is zinc.

Zinc is a trace element that is important for many bodily functions. The term ‘trace’ indicates the body doesn’t need a large amount but if there is a deficiency there are noticeable side effects, such as oily hair. You can find zinc in many different areas of a person’s diet. It is found in fish and if you eat it several times a week you will meet the minimum requirements. You can also get a substantial amount in oysters, liver (veal) seeds like pumpkin, sesame or melon and in wheat germ.

Sebaceous GlandsFollicleanse with zinc for oily hair

Sebaceous glands are found almost everywhere on the human body- except palms and feet. They are abundant on the scalp and face and are responsible for releasing sebum, the body’s natural oil. When these glands are over stimulated they will release too much sebum causing hair and skin to be oily. Overactive sebaceous glands can also contribute to a dandruff problem.

Problems With Too Much Oil

Those who have struggled with dry hair have heard that oil is good for restoring health to your hair. This is true. The problem comes when there is too much oil. Too much oil is not only unsightly, it can be unhealthy. It can lead to itchy, oil scalp and hair loss together with numerous scalp problems in general. Oil can build up on the skin and clog pores and hair follicles.

Clogging up the pores can cause follicle problems which can result in hair loss. Balancing out enough oil to maintain the health of your hair but not having too much oil to cause problems can be difficult. Zinc certainly has an important role in this.

The Role Of Zinc

Zinc helps to regulate the sebaceous glands and keep them from distributing too much oil to the hair and skin. With the slowed production of sebum there will also be a lower amount of oil and oily residue on the shaft of hair. There are two ways to get zinc involved with the health of your hair. The first is through your diet. Making sure that you are eating the above foods in a high enough quantity or taking a vitamin with zinc can help make sure that you don’t have a deficiency.

The second way to get zinc for hair health is to use a zinc shampoo like Follicleanse. This shampoo can go straight to the source and help to suppress the production of sebum. This will not only keep your scalp healthier it will maintain the look of your hair. In addition, zinc can inhibit 5-alpha-reductase which happens to be the enzyme that produces DHT. In many cases, DHT is responsible for over production of sebum. Zinc can also help lower the risk of infection from bacteria.