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How Wheat, Rice And Silk Proteins Improve Hair Health

Wheat, rice and silk proteins topically applied to hair (in a shampoo or conditioner) provide varying "weights" of conditioning to the follicle shaft. "Varying weights" allow proteins to penetrate to multiple levels that have the benefits of improving strength, shine and flexibility.

Though expensive, these natural proteins are used in re-conditioning shampoos and deep penetrating conditioners - making these ingredients especially helpful for repairing damaged hair, restoring or improving shine to dull styles, and for reducing chronic breaking and snapping.

For years both men and women have been constantly looking for ways to improve their hair health. Healthy hair is not only better for the body, but it looks better as well as it will generally be smoother, shinier, less prone to breakage and easier to manage. Many look for different methods to achieve the best hair.

There have been numerous products on the market for decades that claim to help the overall health of your hair but many of these products tend to rely on chemicals to do their work and this can be damaging in the long run. In return people have been looking for more natural methods of improving their hair including wheat, rice and silk proteins. Being more than ninety percent protein, hair looks its best when it has lots of protein and moisture added.

Wheat Proteins

The most common type of wheat protein that you will find in natural products is hydrolyzed wheat protein. This simply means that the chemical compound within the protein is split into tinier units using hydrolysis. Because the units are smaller, it is much easier for the hair shaft to absorb this protein. In order for it to function correctly, it needs protein and moisture and because of this, hydrolyzed wheat protein can provide many benefits for your tresses, including moisture.

The most common benefits include adding volume, helping retain moisture, reducing the porosity of the shafts (greatly reducing the risk of losing moisture) and improving smoothness. Wheat protein also adds a protective film over the shaft being a further benefit. Products like Nourish®'s Silk Protein Conditioner contain all proteins and give a broad range of benefits and conditioning.

Rice Proteins

Over the years there has been a great deal of debate about whether or not rice can actually help improve hair health and the research shows that both brown rice and rice proteins can significantly help your hair. That is because just like hydrolyzed wheat proteins, hydrolyzed rice proteins can provide a great deal of benefits. They will help protect your shafts from drying out due to elements such as the sun, dry air and wind.

Rice proteins, similar to Soy proteins, can also help strengthen your locks, providing resistance against splitting, breaking and falling out due to the presence of daily stress agents. Like wheat proteins, rice proteins will also add body to your hair and in addition to this, they can give it increased tensile strength which further helps battle the elements that might dry it out or cause other damage. Both proteins are rich in amino acids and these essential proteins are the building blocks of hair.

Silk Proteins

Hydrolyzed silk proteins can do a great deal for your hair because they come from one of the strongest natural fibers that can be found. Silk can hold up to 10,000 times its own weight of water. Because of this, the silk proteins will dry to form crystalline protective barriers on your individual strands that can prevent damage and provide other benefits. The silk proteins will also improve the resiliency, elasticity and flexibility by making your hair easier to shape and allowing it to hold its style better. The protective crystalline barrier will add shine, lock in moisture and help to prevent breakage.

Wheat, rice, silk, and soy and corn proteins, naturally derived and hydrolized, can all benefit hair health. Each play a key role as natural ingredients that help hair from breaking, aid in prevention and repair of damage, improve styling by adding flexibility and pliability of the follicle shaft, and by adding resilient shine.

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