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How To Use A Hot Oil Treatment

For years people have known that oil for their hair is a fantastic way to restore shine and life. Hot oil treatments are excellent when used as a weekly restoration regimen to reduce dry hair, improve shine, repair and heal damage, and to reduce fly-away and static.

There are a few reasons that oil is great for the health of your hair and they are:

  • adds moisture and hydration to dry hair
  • Improve shine lost to dulling or chemical treatments
  • good for both dry and oily hair to repair damage
  • It can smooth split-ends and roughness
  • It is a natural way to revitalize your hair and can be very cost effective

Choose The Best For Your Hair

Truthfully you can use olive or even vegetable oil straight out of your pantry. You can also pick one up that is already prepared at the drugstore, grocery store or online. Oils that have particular benefits for the hair are those we recommend. Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil and Argan oil for hair are the ones that are used in many hair products and have been shown to the most effective for adding moisture, repairing damage, and increasing shine and sheen. Using a hair oil for dry hair is one of the best things you can do if you battle daily with dryness. Some of the most popular from the home pantry are as follows.


Coconut oil has a fantastic omega fat ratio. It is perfect for any type of hair and even can help with dandruff and a flaking scalp. It smells great and is easy to find if you donít already have some.


This is a perfect one to use if you have thin hair or hair that has a fair amount of oil. Jojoba oil has a constitution that is very similar to what the body naturally produces. This makes it great to use because it will hydrate without weighing your hair down or causing it to be excessively oily. Jojoba oil has an ability to help reduce excess sebum (oil from the scalp and skin) and keep your hair clean and hydrated.


The most commonly used is olive oil. It is chock full of important omega fats that can penetrate your hair shaft, making it soft and shiny. In addition, there arenít many pantries that donít already have it on the shelves. It is best for thick or severely dry hair but can be used on all types.


Heating up the oil will help it to penetrate the shaft allowing it to enrich the entire strand of hair more fully. Many people will tell you to put it through the microwave but this isnít recommended as it can cause hot spots and possibly burn your scalp. You are better off to heat up a glass or bowl of water and put it in a baggie in the hot water allowing it to sit for some time before using it. Do not place in boiling water or in a pot over a heated gas or electric element. Heat the water first (just before boiling) and place container of oil in the water for 5-10 minutes. Make sure to test to insure that it isnít too hot before applying it to your scalp.


Start by shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo; apply a conditioner, then wash through and comb while damp with a rake comb to remove tangles and smooth. For the oil, though many will tell you to start at the scalp this isnít the best option. First of all youíll want to wet your hair because this will aid in distributing the oil and locking in moisture. It's best that you use a conditioner for dry hair first for better results. Itís also a better route to start at the tips of your hair and work your way up. The ends of hair are where the most damage is noticeable and where the most moisturizer is needed and for this reason itís a good idea to start here. Work your way up the shaft toward the scalp, making sure to distribute the oil evenly, you can use your fingers but a comb often works better.

Let It Rest

Once you have the oil thoroughly worked through youíll want to cover your hair with a shower cap. Let it work its way into your hair for ten minutes minimum, a half hour or longer is best. After youíve let it rest for a while youíll want to wash and condition as per your normal routine. Itís recommended to do this at least once a week, some like to do a treatment two or more times. A hot oil treatment is an excellent treatment for dry hair if used correctly. Not only is it effective for adding moisture, it improves shine and manageability.
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