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How To Effectively Treat Acne Scars

If you or your children have been prone to acne, you probably have asked the question how to effectively treat acne scars.

While for most scarring is not an issue, for cases of severe or chronic acne, scars can occur, and if left untreated, can make a permanent mark on your complexion.

Acne scars - even old scars - are often neglected by most people until the damage has already been done. You can help minimize the effect of acne scars though it may be difficult to prevent it always. However, prevention is typically they and the earlier you start, the less likely scarring will occur.

If you avoid picking your acne that is perhaps the greatest thing you can do in lowering your risk of acne scars. Scratching the affected skin, squeezing pimples or picking at your acne can all cause damage your skin and lead to scarring.

Acne itself is a malady which several million people suffer from all over the world, and to carry the scars arising there from, even after the treatment is even more painful. Lack of proper attention at the right time can only compound your problem.

The following discussion is aimed at helping you fight this problem through a classification of the acne scars and possible remedies. Depending on the intensity and type of your problem, you are best advised to take appropriate medical help.

Types of Acne Scar

  • Ice Pick – Thin and sharp, as though caused by an ice-pick.
  • Boxcar - Look like rounded pits with sharp vertical edges
  • Rolling - Scars with a rolling and wavy texture
  • Hypertrophic – These are thickened (keloid) scars.

Treating your Acne ScarsAcnetene PimplePaste for acne scars

The best way to effectively treat acne scars is to prevent them from occurring. While is may sound easy, a continued focus on prevention is key - and, using skin products developed specifically for preventing and treating scars can be your best weapon.

The treatment can vary in each of the different kinds of acne scars. Some of the common methods for removal and treatment of acne scars include: Acupuncture, skin products for scars, Skin peels, Surgery and skin acne scar rejuvenation...a professional laser or in-home laser treatment.

Acupuncture for Acne Scars

Surgery and acupuncture are invasive methods and surgery often shows quick results though it can be expensive as well as painful. Though more and more people are embracing alternative systems of medicine for their health, acupuncture in treating acne scars, is not devoid of its share of controversies. Also, everyone may not be comfortable with the acupuncture needles.

Skin rejuvenation and skin peels are not treatments by themselves particularly for the scars, though they can have positive effect on acne scars. Some of the rejuvenation products are known to have helped several people lessen the appearance of the scars. Because these products are natural and gentle on the skin, they are often capable of showing good results even if they are not specifically for acne skin care.

Skin peels can show positive results depending on the depth and severeness of your acne scars. Some of the skin peels available in the market have also received rave reviews from customers.

Learn more about natural skin products and care for scars.

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