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How Does Silica Improve Hair Health?

There are numerous vitamins and minerals that are essential to hair health. They are needed to form proteins, the building blocks of hair. They are also needed to form healthy follicles that will, in turn, produce healthy cells. They stimulate blood flow to the scalp to promote growth, and they keep toxins and free radicals from damaging follicles. Silica, an abundant mineral found in water and some types of sand and rock, is formed when silicon is exposed to oxygen. It is also found in many plants. Consuming greens and vegetables and drinking water are the most common ways that humans ingest silica. As with many minerals, it has various benefits for improving health.

StrengtheningFollicleanse vitamins with silica

One way that silica improves hair health is by strengthening it. Many people have brittle hair that breaks off when it is washed, brushed, or blow dried. Split ends are another common problem that people face. Rough, dull hair due to damaged cuticle also causes it to look unhealthy. All of these problems can be helped by consuming more silica through your diet or supplements. Silica helps to strengthen weak, damaged hair so that it is less prone to breakage, split ends, and rough cuticle. Silica use can replace expensive products designed for strengthening hair, and it is natural making it an excellent ingredient for vitamins for hair growth.

Cell Growth

Another benefit of silica for hair health is its ability to promote cell growth. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at producing cells, and free radicals and toxins that build up in the body can cause cells that are supposed to turn into follicles to become other cells; this can contribute to loss. Silica helps promote the growth of new, healthy cells so that production can occur. With an influx of healthy cells, overall health improves, including the hair. Stronger cells produce healthier hair and skin, so the effects can be seen throughout the body.

Increased Circulation

Another way that silica has a healthy effect on hair is because it increases blood flow from the scalp to the follicles that produce hair and healthy oils. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to nourish cells, and this oxygen is crucial for healthy cells. By promoting blood flow to nourish the follicles, they are healthier and more likely to produce.

Many biotin vitamins are supplemented with silica and various minerals to not only promote growth but to also encourage thickening - making them especially helpful for thickening thin hair. In addition, proper blood flow is essential for the production of sebum, the oil that is naturally produced in follicles. Sebum coats strands, providing protection to the hairs from heat styling, chemical processing, and other factors that can cause them to dry out and become brittle.

Foods With Silica

Silica can be taken in a supplementary form to feed your hair, but it is also found in several foods. The mineral is contained in both rice and wheat, as well as in barley and millet. It is also found in cucumbers, potatoes, and onions. Strawberries and avocados also contain the mineral.

Several herbs, including nettles, comfrey, and horsetail also contain silica. These foods should be eaten in their natural form, rather than processed, to get the most benefit from the mineral.

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