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How To Get Perfect Curls

Hair style trends vary each year, but a look that never goes out of style is big, beautiful curls. One reason for their lasting popularity is the variety of looks you can achieve. Long and loose curls are sexy, while curls gathered at the nape of the neck and tied with a delicate ribbon creates a classy, elegant look. A high ponytail of curls shows off your fun side. Whether your hair is naturally curly or wavy, or naturally straight, you can have beautiful ringlets. Achieving perfect curls at home requires several steps.


The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your hair is healthy and moisturized. Dry, damaged hair will result in frizz, not the beautiful ringlets youíre going for. Make sure you get trimmed regularly to remove damaged and split ends, and use a deep conditioning treatment twice a month, or more often if needed.

If you regularly heat style (flat irons, blow dryers or curlers), you are drying out your strands with each blow drying and straightening or curling. Add protection with a thermal protector or a leave-in conditioner designed for thermal styling.


To begin, you should wash/shampoo with a volume shampoo and a conditioner or a hair thickening shampoo designed for moisturizing and hydrating. Youíll need a large barreled curling iron to make your ringlets. Because you are going to be heat styling, donít completely dry before you use the iron. This will cause dryness and increase the likelihood of ending up with a bad case of the frizz.

Depending on your type, use a curl cream, pomade, or setting lotion designed for heat styling. Choose one that suits your hairís density and type. Regardless of the type of styling aid you use, youíll only need a small dab. Put the styling aid in your palm and rub your hands together. Apply starting at the ends and working your way to the scalp. Avoid the top of your hair, where additional product can weigh down your hair and flatten it. Rub the styling aid onto the lower half of your tresses and comb through.

Heat Your Iron

To avoid making crimped marks, try using an iron that is clipless. If you donít have one, be careful to avoid crimping the ends; this will ruin the look of your ringlets. Set the iron to its highest setting, particularly if your hair is straight or hard to hold a curl. Since you are using thermal products, ensure you are protected from damage from the high heat. Be careful not to get the iron too close to your skin, as it takes only a microsecond to burn yourself.

The Process

The look you want to achieve determines the rest of the process. If you want large, looser curls, then youíll want to iron larger sections of hair at a time. If you want smaller, tighter curls, iron smaller sections of hair and make sure you use curly hair products that help lock-in the hold and build body. If you mess up a ringlet or crimp, move to another section and let the previous area cool off. When cool, use the iron again to correct your mistake.

Before styling, let your hair cool completely. Mist lightly with hair spray, allow it to dry, and then finger style if necessary to achieve shape, density and tightness you desire.

Though there is some debate, use of a wide-barrel brush is often most effective for larger waves and curls. We prefer those that have ionic or coated bristles that reduce frizz and fly-away and static.

Smaller bore brushes are good for making smaller diameter curls. The smallest of ringlets are best done by hand by wrapping hair around your fingers. Follow these steps to get perfect curls every time!
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