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How To Get Big Waves And Curls

Every woman likes to change the look of her hair now and then, and big, sexy waves and curls are a look that is always in style. If you want to try out some big waves and curls, there are several ways to achieve the look. Before using any of the heat styling methods below, be sure to apply a product to protect your hair from heat styling to prevent damage.

Curling Iron and Flat Iron

One way to get big waves and curls is to use a curling iron with a barrel size of at least 1 ¼”. Take a small section of your hair, up to about ¼” thick, and clamp it as close to the scalp as you can. Slide the curling iron down to the ends of the hair section, and then roll the curling iron under until you reach your scalp. You may have to experiment to see how long it takes to get your desired amount of curl. After curling, give your hair a few minutes to cool and set. You can either finger style your curls or lightly brush them, then set them with hairspray or the styling product of your choice. You can use a flat iron just as you do a curling iron to get big waves and curls.

Hot Rollers - Dry and Steam

Another way to get big waves and curls is to use hot rollers. Hot rollers are available in dry and steam styles. Dry hot rollers use dry heat, like a curling iron, to curl your hair. Steam rollers are spongy, and use water and a heating element to steam your curls. The technique for curling your hair with dry and steam rollers is the same. Allow your rollers to heat and then separate your hair into small sections. Place a large sized hot roller at the ends of your hair, and then roll under. Some rollers use a pin to hold the roller while others use a clip. Clip or pin your roller and continue rolling the rest of your hair. You should allow about 15 minutes for your hot rollers to cool so that your curls will be set. Finger style or lightly brush your curls after gently unwinding each roller. Spritz lightly with hair spray to hold your style.

Unheated Rollers

You can also use unheated rollers to create big waves and curls in your hair. This method requires sleeping overnight on the rollers, so choose a roller set that will be comfortable to sleep in. Many roller sets are made from spongy material or rubber. Wash hair and then separate it, while still wet, into sections. Roll each section of hair in a large roller and secure it with a clip or bobby pin. When you get up in the morning, gently unwind each roller. You can then finger style your hair or lightly brush it. If you have any stray hairs that escaped the roller during the night, you can easily touch them up with a curling iron Spray a light mist of hair spray to hold your style.

Shampoo, Mousse, Hairspray, and Conditioner

Not to be left out, using a shampoo for curly hair is important. Many of the these shampoos contain Keratin that improves the holding power of larger curls and waves. Keratin locks in the style and allows the hair to move naturally without falling, flattening and straightening. These types shampoos are especially useful for block the effects of humidity that can cause frizz and loss of control.
Another consideration should be using the right mousse or hairspray. Mousse is generally recommended for control. It's a matter of personal preference whether to use a styling aid or spray. Many women prefer a spray because it can be reapplied during the day or night without having to restyle. We recommend a medium to firm hold hairspray like Nourish's Nature Hold Styling Spray. While it is a firm hold spray it allows your style to move naturally and freely giving life and bounce to curls and waves.
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