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How Does Emu Oil Help Dry Hair and Dry Scalp

The causative agents for dry hair and dry scalp are basically interrelated.

Some of the environmental factors that cause dryness include over exposure to the sun, dust, wind, chlorinated water and hard water - and harsh shampoos or conditioners. The use of chlorinated water in shampooing causes damage and dryness. In addition to using quality shampoos and conditioners, the use of natural oils like Emu oil can help in moisturizing follicles and tissue.

The benefits of Emu oil for hair is that it contains Omega fatty acids (3, 6 and 9) Vitamins A and E, linolenic and Oleic acids. In order to understand how Emu oil helps dry hair it’s good to understand its components and how they help.

Omega Fatty Acid 3s

Although there has not been a lot of scientific research about dry hair, most hair professionals agree that omega acids are important in moisturizing.
emu oil for hair and scalp
Omega fatty acids play a major role in the body but other than this they are very important in improving elasticity of the skin and hair. Omega 3 acids in Emu oil are fundamental in improving color, sheen and elasticity. This is important not only with moisturizing hair but also making it stronger and reversing hair loss. When used in a cleanser, emu oil is an excellent ingredient for use in a dry hair and scalp shampoo.

Vitamin A and E

Vitamin A and E that are contained in Emu Oil are important in rejuvenating and moisturizing dry hair and scalp and keeping it from becoming brittle.

When the body does not receive proper amounts of vitamin A and E, emu oil can be used as stay-on conditioner and will help in healing the shaft (read split-ends and frizz) and strengthening. Appling Emu oil directly to dry hair will provide a good dose of vitamins and hence improve strength and reduce dryness. Direct application of Emu oil coupled with proper nutrition will help a lot in improving lack of hydration.

Linoleic Acid

Linoleic acid has for a long period of time been known to improve the growth of skin and hair. It acts like an anti-inflammatory drug but does not contain the side effects that are associated with these drugs. This fatty acid is not commonly found in our healthy diets but is primarily found in oils like Emu Oil. These essential fatty acids, if applied over a period of six to nine weeks will work wonders as a dry scalp treatment.

Oleic Acid

Oleic acid plays an important role of stimulating the bacterial properties of skin why also acting as a moisturizer to dry hair. This essential fatty acid, similar to linoleic acid is not found in our daily diet and therefore has to be introduced by natural oils like Emu oil.

Emu oil, apart from nourishing the hair with important nutrients to ensure elasticity and hydration, has the benefit that it does not clog hair follicles like other oils. It penetrates the skin easily and therefore is absorbed rather than forming a oily layer. Emu oil if massaged to the scalp will reduce itchiness and dryness of the scalp.
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