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How Does Biotin Shampoo Help Hair Grow

Biotin, otherwise known as vitamin H and part of the B-complex group (vitamin B7) is a water-soluble vitamin that is critical to numerous functions in the body including metabolism, cell growth, carbon dioxide transfer, cell repair and metabolism. Because of the numerous responsibilities of this vitamin it is known to be critical for the health of hair, skin and nails. When people are deficient in this vitamin they may notice dry skin, red rashes around their eyes, nose or mouth, dry scalp, thinning hair and eczema among many other symptoms.

What Is Shampoo With Biotinbiotin vitamins and biotin shampoo

Shampoo with biotin is a cleanser for your hair that has added biotin to promote growth and strength. These shampoos are made with quality ingredients to help the health of your hair.

You will want to make sure to check the ingredients listed on the shampoo. There are some items you donít want to see on the list. They are; sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, isopropyl alcohol, disodium EDTA and propylene glycol distearate. These ingredients are harsh and can cause scalp damage as well as dry hair out causing it to become brittle, weak and break easily. Some of these chemicals are also found in antifreeze and can seep into the skin, causing further damage.

How Does It Work

Biotin is a key contributor to hair regrowth. If your scalp gets flaky and dry the dead, excess skin cells arenít easily removed from your hair follicles. This will prevent the natural regrowth cycle your hair typically goes through. When using biotin shampoo your scalp will be rehydrated. The effective treatment of flaky and dry scalp can help to get pores unclogged. With pores back to working appropriately hair can continue to move through its normal cycle.

The biotin enriched shampoo will aid in delivering critical vitamins and minerals to your hair. Once the shafts are enriched with these essentials circulation will improve as well as the health of the hair. In addition, using biotin shampoo will strengthen your hair. Hair is made of protein and adding biotin can help your body to utilize amino acids and get the most out of its proteins.


There are many doctors that recommend biotin shampoos and supplements for hair disorders including alopecia. This kind of hair loss can benefit from a quality biotin shampoo because of the way the shampoo can stimulate and hydrate the scalp. It has even been used with infants for treatment of their cradle cap.

Additional Supplements

Quite often itís recommended for a person to also take biotin supplements as well as use the shampoo. Ingesting the vitamin will further the health of your hair. Taking vitamin B7 or biotin from Bioten can help with metabolism, has been known to stabilize blood sugars, improve skin, nails and depression. Because hair is made of protein, adding biotin to the diet can aid with insuring hair gets enough protein. Biotin aids in the breakdown of amino acids facilitating the bodyís ability to make use of this vital nutrient.
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