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Herbal Remedies for Spider Veins

Naturally Heal, Clear and Protect

Gender Swing

Compared to men, more women seem to be affected by this vein disorder. The feminine metabolic structure, hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy and child birth, use of contraceptive pills etc. have been held to be the major cause for this tilt in numbers.

Add to this to the fact that most homemakers and those engaged in typical female professions such as teaching, nursing etc. spend substantial time every day on their feet. This provides the perfect ground for that extra bit of dilation of the vein structure in women. Men are no exception though.

Natural ingredients

When it comes to treating venous disorders, women tend to avoid private clinics for treatment either as a matter of preference, or because they cannot afford it. Several companies in the cosmetic business have realized this and are offering topical treatments natural, organic and herbal ingredients in creams as an alternative to clinical treatment.

Several scientific studies have validated the effectiveness of these ingredients in treating spider veins. We will now look at some of these time tested herbal ingredients used for spider vein creams and the way they work.

Natural Remedies for Spider Veins
  • Horse Chesnut
  • Buther's Broom
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Vitamin K
Vitamin K is a proven ingredient capable of repairing capillaries and veins and doctors use this extensively for reducing the way the spider veins and bruises look. It is the most common and effective (highly) ingredient in use for spider vein cream.

The Pagoda Tree with its origins in Japan has shown exemplary ability to enhance the stability of the veins, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

Horse Chestnut extract, when used as an extract has helped in reducing inflammation and improving the tone of the vein wall. More importantly, it has the ability to mend vein leaks of tiny proportion and add to the strength and elasticity of the vein walls.

For strengthening the tone of the veins, Butcher’s Broom has been shown as an excellent medium. This can also control the swelling and inflammation apart from relieving numbness, cramping etc in the leg.

Grape Seed Extract has antioxidant properties which help to improve circulation, add strength to connective tissues and also minimize the effect of aging, particularly on the skin.

Horse Chestnut extract

Of all the ingredients mentioned above, Horse chestnut has the additional advantage of chemicals capable of thinning blood which consequently can reduce pressure on vein walls as also the vein valve. Most of the creams in this category will contain one or other ingredients mentioned above.

All these natural herbs and extracts and organic ingredients work effectively to help heal and clear broken capillaries and are also used successfully for use as a varicose veins cream, though varicose veins may requires surgical treatment.

For other well-founded reasons for using natural-based ingredients, consider spider veins pregnancy.