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Get Help with Oily Skin Now!

Stop waiting for name-brand and highly marketed product to work for your oily complexion. Learn why your skin is oily and what you can do about it.

So, why the oiliness?

Our tissue naturally produces oils that protect, nourish and moisturize. These oils, sebum, are produced from sebaceous glands in each of our pores. They are most concentrated on the chin, nose and forehead - often where you have the most problems.

Why do some people have more problems than others?

Heredity plays a part, but "excited" glands generally produce more than others. So, why or how are they excited? Good question. Heat, humidity, and your personal cleansing regimen play a part.

Like many glands in our bodies, their activation is often invigorated by a "trigger"...these are generally consider the causes of oily skin or complexion. It is well known among dermatologist that there are several triggers - most commonly excessive or continuous heat, chronic sweating, high humidity, and dirt or bacteria that may become trapped inside the pore opening.

How do I reduce oily skin on my face?

Other than the most obvious - avoiding high-humidity and hot environments, the answer is keeping your complexion clean and using products that contain Zinc. Did I say Zinc? Yes, and here's why.

Zinc is a natural inhibitor to the activation of the sebaceous glands. Facial cleansers, toners, and masks that contain an appropriate level of Zinc (and some other ingredients) have been shown to not only remove oils from the surface of the skin, but to control the oil production process itself....and it is used in many oily complexion products.

But won't my skin dry out?

The use of advanced formulations that have been tested and certified and the low or no-use of alcohol provides you with the best of both worlds - a clear complexion that hasn't become dry, flaky and tight.

The use of emu oil, panthenol, and minimal use of alpha hydroxy provides deep and adequate cleaning of the skin without damage. The impact is minimal related to drying. But that makes sense...because excessive dryness creates skin fatigues, flaking and cracks. This defeats the purpose of helping and treating oily skin. The intent is not to get complete dryness or facial tissue is exposed and vulnerable to environmental factors such as pollution and air particulates.

Oily Skin Face Washface wash for oily skin or complexion

This is a natural cleanser that uses botanical extracts and Zinc that have been proven in clinical studies to provide maximum cleansing while regulating oiliness - while protect sensitive tissue.

Recommend for daily use of oily skin sufferers, it works and prevents unwanted oils from secreting onto the surface. It helps protect from acne, blemishes and irritation with a combination formula that soothes irritation, helps prevent the growth of bacteria and calms inflammation.

Safe to use daily - our recommendation is once in the evening and again in the morning for maximum effectiveness. Follow this link for more information on Oily Face Wash and Cleanser.

Oily Face Toner

For the most advanced solution to oily skin, we recommend spot treatment of "t zone" areas. Cheeks, brow, forehead, along the top and sides of the nose, and around and under the chin.

A higher concentration of Zinc and targeted ingredients, application should be with a cotton swab or "Q tip". Recommended use is once in the evening after cleansing for maximum effectiveness. Safe for use daily and for treating hard to control areas. Follow this link for more information on oily face toner

Oily Skin Mask

Designed for weekly treatments for those with chronically oily complexion. It soothes tired, dry or worn tissue and helps provide maximum irrigation and sanitize pores - cleaning bacteria, fungus, yeast, whiteheads and acne.

A specially formulated mask that works effectively yet gives you the spa-like experience of total skin rejuvenation and treatment.
Oily skin can be managed. The degree to which you need help will dictate the products you use - but, help you will get and your face will feel and look great.

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