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Thin Hair Styles for Older Women

Even if you have thin hair there are hundreds of styles out there that will look fantastic.

Sometimes it can be headache picking the right hair style for your face type, but we can help you with that. The challenge most of have is that thin hair has a tendency to either "lay flat" on the scalp/head, or doesn't seem to hold a style well. This requires looking at the problem from two perspectives. One, increase the thickness of your hair (easier said than done, but doable), or two, incorporate a style that works well with the thinness.

The one major thing about thin hair is that it is flat, but with the right style it can be given volume. A good example of this is a pixie cut, it adds volume by using layers and stacks to make the hair move without looking dull. Some people with thin hair can also suffer from inflammation of the scalp due to environmental factors.

Another key to thin hair is texture, getting the right style that adds texture will make a huge difference. Also when styling your hair do not over do it. It is easy to fry thin hair because of the hairs volume. If you damage your hair due to heat or chemicals it will slow its growth patterns and cause it to become weak.

Styling products can do a great deal of good for fine hair. A volumizing shampoo and conditioner can go a long way at plumping the hair up. You can also use a root boosting mousse to help get even more volume. Be sure if you are going to use a different conditioner to make sure it is light weight so it won't weigh your hair down.

Try a bob cut to get extra volume, this cut was made popular back in the sixties but is still worn today by celebrities like Hilary Duff.

If you have trouble with thin hair and want to grow it out, supplement your diet with hair vitamins so that your hair will not become weak and start to break. If you suffer from thinning hair make sure you use products that contain sunscreen to protect your scalp which will be more vulnerable to the suns harmful rays. Also look for natural hair loss products these will help stimulate hair growth while also being gentle on your scalp.

If you have begun to reach "pre-retirement age and considering what you should do with your style, going shorter is often better than going long. For some reason there' the point and "look there" when an older woman keeps her hair long (especially in a pony tail). Don't get me wrong...I love long hair - no matter who it is on!

What about Color??

With that said however, it's sometimes better to avoid the attention and go a bit mainstream. Coloring is another issue...just enough color to keep away the gray is the best decision but not so much your hair looks painted! Going light on the coloring is probably your best bet.

Color-wise, any color will do...but please avoid the blue tinges you see with more elderly folks. These often come with from dyes used to avoid yellowing but have a blue tint. From my perspective, the yellowing or slight coloring - even gray is better than the blueing. So, anyway if you are getting older and your hair is thinning, it's probably best to have a shorter hairstyle because they are easier to increase volume through sprays, mousse, or through the use of supplements like hair vitamins .

Hair vitamins can do several things. One they offer supplemental nutrition that is commonly needed for a healthy scalp and hair. In some cases vitamins B, B-12, A, and E and the minerals and amino acids can help strengthen or thicken the follicles making the hair appear, look or feel thicker.

Obviously this not always the case, but it can help...and it can help avoid some of the dyes and coloring.
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