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Losing Hair after Menopause

Hair Loss and Thinning after or during Menopausehair vitamins and menopause

What is causing hair loss after menopause and what might cause hair loss during menopause are 2 entirely different things.

Vitamins for hair loss after or during menopause During menopause the women's body goes through significant shifts in hormones - many of these hormonal changes lead to a depletion of amino acids and proteins that cause temporary, yet discouraging periods of shedding and thinning - leave thin or balding areas on the scalp.

For those changes that affect mood swings, desire, or even depression, hormone replacement therapy is sometimes recommended by physicians.

In cases where lack of hair growth, loss or thinning occur, the cause is often linked to depletion of Vitamin B-complex nutrition, lowered amino acid levels and sometimes reduction of proteins or chlorophyll - all of which contribute to growth and help prevent loss.

Restoring Vital Supplements to Reverse Hair Loss

The stress of menopause can hair thinning in some women. It can be sudden onset of hair loss or it can be a slow excess amount of hair thinning.

This should be treated as a stress related hair loss and nutrition seems to work best along with natural scalp stimulants. Nourish Hair Nutrition Vitamins Hair Vitamins have become our #1 selling product for providing the balanced nutrition needed to replenish depleted nutrients. . The results have been that good for hair growth and for addressing hair loss and thinning during or after menopause.

After your body goes through the change the female hormones that protected the body no longer protect it from DHT (a derivative of testosterone). Blocking the DHT is the most effective means as well as cleansing the DHT from the body and the scalp and nutrition becomes vital.