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Hair Growth Vitamins for Black Women

Many Black African American women have trouble with hair growth. Hair growth vitamins can make a huge difference in making your hair, nails and skin healthy. If you hair is damaged it grows slower and breaks easier. This will keep you from growing your hair out long. Your hair can be further damaged by heat and chemical treatments. Hair growth vitamins can help women grow there hair longer, with less breakage and hassle.

The average hairs life span is around 4 years. Over the years it goes through 3 phases growing, resting and the shed phase. If you hair is unhealthy the life span can be dramatically reduced to around a year and a half. Very healthy hair can last around 6 years. This makes the growing phase longer giving you a better chance of getting longer growth vitamins for Black women

Vitamins help the hair grow by feeding the hair a steady supply of nutrients. For example Vitamin B7 helps with the metabolism of fatty acids in the hair. This helps with new cell growth and creation. You cannot apply biotin topically it has to be ingested you can find it in raw egg yolk, liver and peanuts.

  • Isoleucine is an amino acid that can be found in eggs, soy protein and seaweed. It helps cycle oxidized cells to make them reproduce faster.

  • Arginine is another amino acid which helps on overall hair health and development. It can be found in cottage cheese, ricotta and milk. Niacin or vitamin b3 helps in metabolizing living cells while repairing damage. It can be found in liver, avocados and nuts. Colalalmin or vitamin b12 helps in the formation of cells and cell structure. You can find it in beef liver, turkey giblets and pork liver sausage.

  • Iodine helps the nutrients attach to organic compounds. You can find iodine in kelp and some sea foods. Zinc oxide helps carry electrons quickly and efficiently it eases scalp conditions. Vitamin Bx also known PABA can help with skin disorders and is a great nutritional supplement. You can find it in liver, brewers yeast and molasses. Chlorophyll helps give the scalp and hair anti oxidants, vitamin A, B, C, E and beta carotene. The combination of these ingredients makes these vitamins them one of the best black hair growth products!

These vitamins and minerals will help get your hair back into and keep it in a healthy growth cycle. African American and black women can have trouble with there hair, but hair vitamins will help them get the hair they have always wanted.