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Hair Growth Tips: How To Combat Hair Loss

Waiting for your hair to grow can take you months. What many people don’t know is that hair vitamins and minerals really play a big part in hair growth. One reason is nutritional deficiency that causes thinning of hair and slow growth. Brittle hair is a result of vitamin and mineral loss. Some causes of brittle hair are due to an active thyroid, while an overactive thyroid may result in limpness.

If your body is in good condition, then faster hair growth is generally not a problem. Your current body condition will determine how fast your hair will grow. If you have vitamin deficiencies, stress, DHT build-up, or excessive oil or dirt, then your hair will soon show damage or in worse cases, it may even stop growing.

What to do?

By taking B12 Vitamins for hair loss and amino acids found in products like Hair Nutrition Vitamins and Hair Energizer Vitamins from, you can maximize the growth potential of your hair. Faster Hair Growth Kits also provide supplements through shampoos, conditioners and vitamins combined for an effective regimen. Supplements like folic acid, inositol, B-6 and biotin are just some of the vitamins that will help your hair grow faster. Minerals are equally important. That is why you also need zinc, silica, magnesium and sulfur.

Beta carotene is also needed. Did you know that beta carotene is converted to vitamin A? It actually helps your bones, and promotes healthy nails, hair and skin. If you are having a hard time taking a pill, you can also get beta carotene in fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Protein is very important also. Our hair is made up of protein - including it in our diet is essential. Eating a protein rich diet can improve the condition of your hair. Some experts say that including calves liver, wheat germ and brewer’s yeast in your diet can add strength and beauty to your hair. If you are having a hard time finding these, then eggs, beans, fish and yogurt are also great sources of protein. Soy protein like tofu can supply needed protein, as well.

Stress and medications as a growth blocker

If you experience stress, chances are you are experiencing slow growth, thinning or loss. Too much pressure at work or home can stop the growth of new cells. In some studies, stress-related work can lead to faster aging, dry skin and thinning. In worse cases it could stop healthy growth. That is why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle, free from anything that will stress you out. Solution? --- take a nap. Yes. A primary combatant to stress is to get enough sleep.

Medications can also take part in slowing down hair growth. This can also be a growth blocker since some mediation prevents important nutrients from being absorbed by your body. But no matter what it does to your hair, if your doctor prescribes a particular medication, then follow your physician’s orders. Read more about combating hair loss…