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Hair Growth Spell

For those of us with thinning or hair loss, having a hair growth spell can be reason to celebrate. Temporary hair loss usually is the result of temporary problems such as stress, disease, dirt, oil or chemical imbalances in our body.

Having a hair growth spell can mean we have recovered from such adversities, or that the vitamins and minerals in our body have all "lined-up". But, either way, who is going to argue against a hair growth spell, not me.

Many hair loss and thinning hair problems come from chemical imbalances. Often these imbalances are temporary and lead to temporary loss or "Diffuse" hair loss. We often observe and experience a rapid increase in hair breakage, our hair becomes more brittle and loses hydration and hair fall increases. Here are several common causes for "Diffuse" hair loss.
  • Chemical imbalancesvitamins for a hair growth spell
  • Poor nutrition
  • Medications
  • Lack of moisture and hydration
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Dirt
  • Excess oil production (sebum)
The source of this loss is from an interruption of the the hair growth cycle. Most notably the Anagen growth cycle is disrupted and hair is lost. We often experience a hair growth spell when whatever was causing the loss is removed or when hair returns to normal stage growth.

In order to return hair to normal growth, we must maintain adequate levels of nutrients. In particular, Omega 3 amino acids are vital to rebuilding and strengthening hair. Omega 3 amino acids can be found in nuts, such as peanuts and have heavy concentrations in fish like salmon. But, to maintain a hair growth spell it is recommended to supplement your diet with hair vitamins.

Using hair vitamins and hair growth products will greatly enhance you hair's return top normal growth and you too can experience an invigorating hair growth spell.