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Hair Growth Products For Black Women

Every day we are bombarded with beautiful, long, silky hair pictures in magazines or on TV. As with most of us, most black women face disappointment when their hair does not grow to be long or full of volume and shiny. For most people growth of hair is normally slow but in African-American women it slower because of the texture of the hair.

The average black woman finds that her hair is usually coarse and dry but there are some products such as different shampoos and conditioners that can help with increasing hair growth in black women.

Use Silk Wrap Caps

Black women use wrap caps and most of the time they’re made of cotton. Using these silk caps instead of traditional cotton ones are better as they help with hair growth.

Cotton wrap caps tend to have high rates of hair breakage because the cotton has a habit of pulling out hair at night, in particular for heavy sleepers. Silk wraps help to protect natural oils and reduce breakage that can lead to hair loss.

Using Leave In Conditioners

Leave in conditioners can work to help hair by moisturizing and de-tangling. Many leave in conditioners contain silicon and moisturizers which aid in the detangling process.

Leave in conditioners can help to protect your hair and make it grow quicker. Botanical and natural oils in black hair also help it from drying out and the new hair that grows will be healthier and fuller.

Shampooshair growth products for black hair

To help insure faster growing hair, your hair growth products inventory should include products like ProFolla Silk with their best shampoo for black women.

The entire line is formulated with LusterPlex that was specifically developed for coarse, thick and ethnic hair types. LusterPlex improves shine, flexibility and strength. ProFolla's Growth Shampoo (follow above link) also contains Trichogen, clinically proven to promote growth by stimulating scalp circulation.

Additionally, dandruff can cause the scalp to itch and sometimes even cause a rash which can lead to hair loss. By using an anti-dandruff shampoo, the spread of dandruff around the scalp can be stopped. Look for a natural anti dandruff shampoo that will not irritate the scalp or strip natural oils. Using this kind of shampoo will not let dandruff collect and the hair will
continue to grow fuller and healthier.

Using Hair Oil

Hair growth can be enhanced by applying oil to the scalp once every few days. Hair growth products that contain oil such as coconut oil or rosemary oil help to keep the scalp moist. This reduces the growth of dandruff and eliminates flakes.


The nutrients that are most essential for hair growth are vitamins. Any hair growth products that contain vitamins will promote the rate of growth in black women’s hair. Vitamin B complex is needed as it has nearly about eight unique vitamins that have roles in different functions that aid in hair growth.

B1, B6 and B12 are the most important of them all helping to moisten and protect breakage of hair. Products with protein and minerals also increase growth of hair in black women.

Scalp Massage And Hair Care

There are steps you can take along involving how you care for your hair that can help to promote the growth as well. Not leaving it in braids too long and being careful with it when in braids will help. In addition, keeping it moisturized will decrease breakage and improve growth.

Finally you’ll want to make sure to massage your scalp often so that you encourage healthy hair follicles. Massaging helps blood flow and increased blood flow to the capillaries and follicles improves nutrient delivery.

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