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Can Green Tea Help With Hair Loss

Finding in excess of about one hundred hairs in your brush every morning is a disturbing event for anyone. Normal daily hair loss seems already too many hairs to lose but when it exceeds the norm.

Having a head full of hair has always been a sign of youth, vitality and desirability. This is something no one wants to lose. Every day there are new pills, shampoos, creams and lotions to stop the progression of thinning and shedding. Some, if not extensively tested on humans, can have serious side effects. Natural products such as Green Tea can help to slow hair loss without exposing yourself to anything harmful.

What Type Of Hair Loss Can Be Delayed Or Reduced By Green Tea

Since some loss is due to an increase of hormones, namely androgens, blocking the synthesis of androgens will slow down the hormonally induced loss of hair. This type of hair loss is also known by the term androgenic alopecia. Everyone needs some amount of androgens to be normal. Females have less than males, as androgens such as testosterone are responsible for the development of male sex characteristics.

The small amount present in females can be the cause of alopecia in women. Men, with the much greater amount of testosterone, will have their follicles much more heavily exposed to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) than women. Green tea has been postulated to influence the conversion of androgens into DHT, thereby slowing down hair loss in a natural manner.

Properties Of Green Tea That Block DHT

Many believe that green tea works to slow down or stop alopecia by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT by blocking the enzyme 5-alpa-reductase. It has been learned in the past that the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is responsible for shortening the lifespan of hair follicles. Another property that may be very important in green tea for preventing hair loss is its well-known anti-oxidant content. By eliminating free radicals, green tea contributes to the overall follicular health of hair making it an excellent ingredient for hair loss products.

How Is Green Tea Used

Several cups of green tea each day, ingested at your leisure, or use of supplements (hair vitamins with green tea) will work their effect on your hair. While the results are not immediate, several months of drinking green tea will not only help your hair remain on your head but present you with better over-all health as well. Since it will not harm you in any way, you can also give your hair a treat by rinsing it in cooled green tea a couple of times a week. Green tea extract is also available in capsule form if you don’t like to drink tea.

Summary Reasons For Loss & Thinning

There are many reasons why hair begins to fall out in greater than normal numbers. Systemic illness can be one reason. When the body fights certain diseases, it takes a toll on cells that are among the quickest to divide and replicate. Hair cells belong into that category. All the energy the body has goes toward fighting disease rather than the follicular regeneration or repair of hair cells. Certain medications present a chemical challenge to healthy cells and will affect skin, hair and nails before other organs, thus resulting in hair and nail loss. The genetic predisposition to hair loss must also be considered. If your grandfather, father and uncles all were bald before the age of fifty, you may consider this a genetic condition.

Other causes of hair loss, however, can be averted or reversed with the use of thinning hair products with the right ingredients such as Green Tea, Trichogen or Minoxidil.