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Good Oils To Use For Scalp Psoriasis

The actual cause of psoriasis isnít known. Generally it is believed to be a disorder of the immune system that causes white blood cells to attack skin cells that are healthy but have built up on the scalp. Furthering the problem, people with scalp psoriasis tend to have skin cells build up at a faster than normal rate, which triggers the immunity response.

Skin cells are in a constant cycle of growth and they are formed below the surface of the skin. With scalp psoriasis, new skin cells are pushed to the surface more quickly than is normal, and the older cells arenít shed before the new ones arrive. This causes a buildup of cells on the surface, which when attacked by white blood cells form red, dry, itchy patches referred to as plaques.

Oils are beneficial for this skin disorder because they soften the skin, which reduces the itching. They also allow for the plaques to be gently scraped from the surface of the skin so that the area can heal faster. Some oils are better than others for treating this common skin disorder.


One of the best aids for softening and removal of plaques is coconut oil, which is extracted out of the kernels and the meat of coconuts. This natural moisturizer is rubbed into the skin, which provides soothing moisture to the dry, itchy patches. When the coconut extract is left on for about 30 minutes, the plaques can be gently scraped off using a comb. Washing the hair following treatment will remove the excess oil as well as any remaining loosened skin cells. Coconut oil is also believed to benefit the scalp by restoring additional proteins to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth in the case of follicles affected by the skin disorder.


This natural moisturizer comes from the extract of the seeds from the Jojoba tree, which is native to desert regions of North America. Jojoba extract is a close replica of the scalpís sebum, which is the oil naturally produced in hair follicles. Unlike many other moisturizers, this does not evaporate when placed on the skin, so it remains there until it is washed off. This provides more moisturizing ability than other products. Jojoba extract for scalp psoriasis should be applied to the skin using gentle, circular motions and left on for a minimum of thirty minutes. It can then be washed out, and the loosened plaque can be easily removed.


This natural moisturizer is extracted from seeds from the Borage plant, commonly known as the starflower. This natural extract soothes itchy, irritated skin, and the fatty acids in the moisturizer provide a barrier against the elements, such as dry air and sunlight, that can worsen the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. As with other moisturizers, once the borage extract is rubbed into the skin and remains for thirty minutes, the plaques can be gently removed using a comb. It can then be washed out or left in to offer moisturizing protection throughout the day.

Nourish Emu Oil

Emu Oil

A conversation about oils for hair or skin wouldn't be complete without mentioning Emu Oil. Used in Australia and New Zealnd for thousands of years, it is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. While it was (and continues) to be used for skin and tissue ailments, it is an excellent remedy for psoriasis or dermatitis symptoms. It is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 and is used effectively for burns, cuts, lacerations, inflammation and for helping moisturize dry skin and flaking. In fact, it is recommend for tissue that has been burned from radiation treatments (oncology). It helps moisturize hair and scalp and is used frequently in top-selling hair and skin products.

Essential Oils

Most naturally derived plant extract oils may be applied topically in their pure form. Jojoba, Argan, and Emu Oil are probably the most popular and effective and can be used directly on affected areas of the scalp. Other oils ( essential oils for scalp psoriasis) that have particularly high concentrations should be used in formulations such as shampoos, conditioners or leave-in conditioners.

For example menthol in spearmint or peppermint for is very strong and can burn and irritate tissue. However, menthol is well-known for effectively treating scalp psoriasis. It is used in high-end scalp psoriasis shampoo. Similarly, Tea Tree Oil works well also, yet is very strong and should be used as an active ingredient to avoid
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