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Is Ginkgo Biloba Helpful For Hair Health?

Ginkgo biloba has been taken for thousands of years as part of Chinese medicine to help treat various health problems. Today many people in the United States take supplements that include leaves from the tree for a variety of reasons. That is because studies have shown that these leaves can help us function in a variety of ways from overall body health and even memory. Studies show that ginkgo biloba can help with Alzheimer’s and can even lessen the pain that is caused by the presence of clogged arteries in the legs as well as other circulation problems.

Ginkgo Biloba Helps Hair Health

With all the other areas of your health in which ginkgo biloba can help you, it is not surprising that is important for hair health as well. It can help your hair get healthier and thicker by increasing the follicle activity. It can also help treat dry scalp and conditions related to that problem such as dandruff. These conditions can lead to thinning so by treating them, it can help reduce your risk of losing hair as well.

How It Helps

The reason ginkgo biloba does such a great job with improving hair health is due the fact that it improves blood circulation. This is why it helps with clogged arteries and circulation problems and is also one of the reasons it can help with hair health. When it improves the blood circulation, it in turn helps supply your scalp with more nutrients. It is this increase of nutrients that helps increase the activity of your follicles, and thereby improve hair thickness. There are also antibacterial properties that have been associated with ginkgo biloba and it is these properties that help in treating dandruff and other dry scalp conditions.

How To Use It

The optimal way to use ginkgo biloba to improve your hair health and see the best results is to combine its use with other treatments. When used alone, it will still produce effects, but they will not be as strong as when used with other natural remedies. Some Japanese research has shown that using a shampoo made from ginkgo biloba can reduce the rate of loss, especially when used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments. There is no set recommended dose of ginkgo biloba, but the shampoo in the Japanese research contained a concentration of 0.1 to 1%.

What To Keep In Mind

Although ginkgo biloba is not harmful, it can interfere with some medications so you should talk to your doctor before beginning to use it to improve your hair health. It is, however, available over the counter in the United States as it is safe as long as you are sure to check any drug interactions before taking it. In addition, the hair treatments made from the plant are safe, be sure not to ingest any ginkgo biloba that has not been treated as the uncooked seeds can be dangerous. When used correctly, however, it can produce amazing results, both in improving hair health and helping with other health conditions.
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