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How to Get Rid of Bruises

Powerful Treatment For Bruises
With bruises being more common than the common cold, the question of how to get rid of bruises seems to be a common question for young and old.

Bruises result from blood vein damage and the resulting seeping and bleeding into adjoining tissue and muscle. Deeper bruises may result from muscle or organ damage. As blood flow stops, bruises tend to become darker and fade over time to a darker brown and sometimes yellow.
  • Helps heal bruises quickly & Improve vein wall health
  • Clears discoloration
  • Rich in Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Vitamin K
  • Emu Oil penetrates deep into dermal skin layers

To get rid of bruises quick, use a treatment for bruises that contains Vitamin K. Vitamin K Cream is well known for its use in skin care for treating problems such as skin redness, rosacea in adults and as a spider vein treatment.

Vitamin K does several things. One, it helps help vein and capillary walls, and two helps to clear coagulation - clearing bruises and discoloration.

Combined with additional skin care ingredients, Treatment for Bruises soothes the skin, promotes healthy cell regeneration, improves collagen production and increases skin elasticity and "firmness".

Acting both as a healing agent and improving skin rejuvenation many bruises can be healed fast. Skin care to help get rid of bruises quickly!