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Follicleanse Shampoo Giveaway! 
Register for a Chance to Win a Case (12)
Follicleanse ShampooFollicleanse
The Best-Selling Clarifying Shampoo!
Register for a chance to win a case (12/case, Year's Supply) of Follicleanse - The Best Clarifying Shampoo! Our best clarifying shampoo has quickly become our top-selling shampoo for anybody that wants healthier, fuller, and refreshed hair. Follicleanse is the best shampoo for oily hair, dandruff, clarifying and for regulating sebaceous gland secretions.  Rich in Zinc PCA and botanical extracts to heal and repair inflammation and irritation and reduce oil production while deep cleaning scalp and hair! A clean scalp and healthy hair growth go hand-in-hand.
  • Deep cleans dirt, oil and product build-up
  • Reduces oil production from sebaceous glands
  • Infuses vitamins and botanicals to heal and revitalize
  • Increase blood flow to the scalp & Helps stop DHT accumulation
  • Paraben-Free - Excellent for deep cleaning, oily hair, and dandruff symptoms!
The best clarifying shampoo for removing hair product build-up, oily hair and dandruff!


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Follicleanse Shampoo - The Best Clarifying Shampoo!!
Follicleanse is the best-selling clarifying shampoo - and for good reason.  It combines natural botanical extracts and Zinc to effectively clean daily residue that builds-up from spray, gels, mousse and conditioners to leave hair clean and fresh.  It controls excess oil secretions that clog follicle pores that can create flakes, itching and lifeless hair.
The sebum, cholesterol, dirt and bacteria must all be removed and constantly irrigated. Most shampoos were not designed for oily hair...Follicleanse was. Follicleanse shampoo irrigates the follicle while also providing several other important things:Beautiful, Clean hair with Follicleanse
  • Zinc PCA is used to regulate the sebum gland and prevent oily scalp and sebum build from repeating.
  • Fenugreek is a natural stimulant that increases blood supply including oxygen and vital nutrients to the root
  • Fenugreek and B Vitamins help to stop the formation of dht in the hair follicle from the sebaceous gland
  • Panthenol in extreme amounts (4 times more than the best known hair shampoo promoted for pro v) Panthenol is the only vitamin that penetrates the hair shaft to expand the hair and add health
  • Ivy Burdock, Thyme and Sage all work to prevent and cleanse DHT while stimulating blood flow.
Follicleanse, by HealthyHairPlus, is designed to cleanse away impurities from the scalp and the hair that can cause an itch. It helps to remove any flaky scalp problems as well.  It has increasingly become one of the best paraben-free anti dandruff shampoos available.

"By far the best shampoo that I have used. You are my beauty products supply from here on out."


"Follicleanse works better than any dandruff shampoo that we have used in the past. My husband had bad dandruff and now I swear that there is not a flake."
"What a new person my son has become using your product. After fighting oily, dandruff, itchy scalp, and now acne on his forehead from the oily hair we were desperate to find something to help. We stumbled upon your product and gave it a try. What a difference it made after only 3 days. He has no oily hair, the itching is gone and so are the flakes. Even his acne on his forehead is clearing up. He is so happy he now smiles all the time and is really caring about his hair again instead of hiding it. Thank you so much for giving him a solution. Please don't ever stop making this product as it has given my son hope." T. Gregory
"I used Paul Mitchell #2 for 15-20 years then they changed the formula and it didn't clean anymore. i had to try others and search for a long time. the last one had beet sugar in it so when you sweat it got sticky and when it dried you have rake thru the hair. i thought my goodness is it that hard to make shampoo. i have tried Follicleanse four times now and it is great. my search has ended. thank you." C. Anderson
"This is a wonderful product. The best I have found in the marketplace. It does everything it states. It has a wonderful fresh scent. The only thing I wish it did better is have more staying power! If you hair is a bit on the oily side, it is necessary to shampoo everyday to keep it under control. On the whole, I recommend it highly!" N. Wilson
OUR TOP SELLER!  Follicleanse does an amazing job of getting deep cleaning the scalp and eliminating the source of itch scalp, dandruff, and flaking problems helping the scalp return to a healthier state without any flakes or itch. We think that follicleanse is the best dandruff shampoo you can find. With Zinc PCA which helps get rid of dandruff. Follicleanse is the best product to remove scalp sebum and balance oil production.
Follicleanse shampoo is excellent for gently cleansing the root of the hair. Sebum and cholesterol can combine to become very hard in the hair follicle. As this plug stays in the follicle it breed bacteria and prevents oxygen from reaching the root of the hair as well as the blood supply that bring vital nutrients. This often results in flaky, itchy scalp or scalp psoriasis, and dandruff.  Paraben Free!Follicleanse is made in America!
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