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Female Hair Loss

When it comes to women hair can be a very unique. So when a women starts to lose her hair it can be a devastating life changing experience.

About half of the female population will suffer some form of hair loss in there lifetime. Usually it starts to happen in there mid 50's but for some ladies it can start to occur as early as there twenties. Restoring thinning hair is very important and can be done.

For women, losing hair can often be traced to temporary causes (good thing), and many of these causes can be addressed.

Hormonal changes (such as menopause) greatly affect growth and may inhibit nutrients similar to DHT related to male hair loss; oral contraceptives - which affect hormones as well; an imbalance of nutrients (Vitamin B, Niacin, Biotin, Vitamin B complex, and amino acids) can rob follicles of needed nutrition; medicines can lead to temporary shedding - especially if you are being treated by chemotherapy or radiation therapy; also, daily stress, lack of hydration, and styling aids, tools or harsh chemicals in shampoos or conditioners.

Understanding Hair Cycles

There are two main stages in a hairs life a growth stage and a sleep stage. The growth stage of a normal hair lasts about 6 months. Once the hair slips into the sleep stage it falls out. A normal hair grows .5 inches a month. Once the sleeping hair falls out a new hair will start to grow in. For some people it does not quite work like this. For many different reasons your hair growth can slow or stop completely.

This can happen due to genes, hormones, stress or chemical exposure. An over production of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT in women can cause hair to thin. One the dht starts to build up it begins to put pressure one the outside of the follicle walls causing it to become dormant. This will keep new hair from growing.

The Difference in Men and Women

Women can start to go bald completely or just in patchy areas, in men this is called male pattern baldness. For women this is totally different that is why women's hair growth products are so important. For females it starts at the top of the head where as for males it starts at the back of the head. For males baldness leans more toward genes. Where as women it leans more toward age and hormones.

Women with PCOS commonly suffer for hair loss problems due to hormones. Some of the hair loss problems are temporary, but some can be permanent if not treated. Other things to take into considerations is outside factors like rearing children, lack of nutrients in your diet, stress, medications and trauma. All of these thing can be source of female hair loss.

Treatment Options

When it comes to treating female hair loss there are many options. First of all you have to figure out why your hair is starting to thin. Once you understand this, treatment should be easy. Focus on products that help stop thinning hair and promote new hair growth.
Vitamins can help replenish nutrients your body has lost due to childbirth or aging. So make sure your choose a product that suites you. You can read some of our awaken and replenish shampoo reviews for more information on hair loss. Treatment summary...

  • Hair growth shampoo/conditioner with Trichogen
  • Hair vitamin supplements
  • Topical stimulator sprays or drops

Another treatment women should consider is the use of a Minoxidil product such as Rogaine, Prominox or Follinox-5.

Minoxidil has been shown - as a topical application - to make hair grow. It increases blood flow to the scalp similar to Trichogen and has been to be very useful and effective - especially for women.

Though there are some side effects with topical applications (prolonged use typically makes hair grow - but everywhere it is applied; discontinued use causes loss to re-occur), they are typically minimal and occur in a small percentage of patients.

The combination of a Trichogen-based treatment with a Minoxidil-based product will provide long and short term benefits.