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Female Hair Loss: Products and Causes for Women with Hair Loss

Female hair loss is on the rise and the number of women with hair loss has been rising steadily. Why

It is estimated that over 30 million American women suffer from loss or hair thinning. The causes seem to vary. Female hair loss has been linked to DHT, a derivative of testosterone but there have also been many cases related to stress, lack of protein in diet, rapid dietary changes such as weight loss, bacteria on root and damage caused by everything from sun to heat from products including dryers and sun tanning booths.

Primary Causes of Women with Hair Loss:
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Medication such as contraceptives
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Hormonal changes: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Menopause
  • Dirt, sebum and cholesterol build-up
  • Chemical hair treatments - Coloring, perms, relaxing
  • Overuse of styling aids and heat damage
  • Stress

To prevent female hair loss and experience re-thickening it is important to find the cause of the hair problem. This is done most often with a microscopic hair analysis. This is done by the client gently removing 6-10 hairs from the scalp by running fingers through the problem areas of the scalp and then placing the hairs in a plastic bag. The hairs are then mailed to the lab for diagnosis.

The "microscopic hair analysis" is good for finding the cause of thinning, but also for dry hair, fly away, weak and brittle hair problems. There are products that can helps with all of these that do not mask the problem but instead solve it. One of the latest products that have had good results for thinning, dryness is Emu Oil products because it has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti dht. It is full of essential fatty acids that all of us need but only 25% of receive adequate amounts of.

Do you eat fish everyday?

Then you are probably not getting enough of the omega acids (gamma). Emu Oil has had significant positive effects on follicles and roots but also on skin where it has been labeled as great for skin firming and toning eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It is not the only stimulating and dht preventative product but is worth mentioning. It is excellent for women with hair loss.

Over 80% of women that complain of hair problems have significant bacteria, dirt, or sebum build up on the root. This is typically because of the sticky products that women use to style such as sprays and gels. It causes dirt and bacteria to stick. It can happen at any age.

Our microscopic analysis shows that 80% of women with hair thinning or women with hair loss have serious build up of dirt and bacteria on their hair root. This is because of the sticky products that women use for styling, attracts dirt! This dirt, bacteria and sebum build up must be removed. Cheap shampoos also leave scalp residue that clings and clogs the hair follicle opening

Folli-cleanse and Emu Shampoo ingredients remove plugs and bacteria. We also suggest using Protein Conditioner. Emu Oil may have to be used in stubborn situations. We also suggest taking the Nutrition Vitamin that contains B-vitamins and amino acids that are the building blocks of hair. Zinc should also also be in the hair vitamin. We recommend Hair Nutrition Vitamin regardless of the cause unless directed otherwise by a physician for women with hair loss.

Vitamins can make a tremendous difference to the growth of the hair! Hair Nutrition Vitamins and all products can be found on the products page!

Finding out the cause of your hair problem is vital to solving it long-term!

It is estimated that over 30 million American women suffer from hair thinning. Our analysis helps to determine the major causes of hair loss in women. It is important to say that women's hair loss is much more complicated than men's. See the causes below

Women that have heavy build up can remove this with products such as Folli-cleanse for female hair loss. Emu shampoo is great for getting hairs back to the growth phase. Emu products should be part of everybody's hair regimen. Vitamin shampoo and Amino/Protein conditioner can add the vital amino chains back into the hair that deplete with age, chemical processes, hormones and

Women also have many secondary causes of hair thinning and slow growth:

After pregnancy many women suffer from hair thinning. Hormones during pregnancy cause the hair to enter the anagen growth phase but after birth many hairs go to the resting phase. This tends to level out over time. Emu oil shampoo for women with hair loss. Sometimes if the resting phase does not change products are needed to jump start your hair again. Contact us about these female hair loss products such as EMU SHAMPOO.

Discontinuation of Birth Control Pills or Menopause and Menstruation:
Checking your hormone levels can help to determine which female hormones you lack. Our Microscopic Hair Analysis can typically determine if your hair loss is DHT related which often occurs after the age of 30 in women.

Thyroid Disease: This can be checked by your doctor

Low Serum Iron Causes Female Hair Loss:
Women that have heavy menstrual periods or women that do not absorb or intake enough iron can see hair problems. Fad diets can often cause this. Adding iron to your diet typically solves this problem.

Hair Styling Treatments:

Changing the appearance of hair using chemicals and dyes, tints, bleaches, straighteners, relaxers and permanent waves is done quite often. Using good products there are hardly any problems seen. However, if the solution is left on too long hair can become weak and brittle. Chemical burns can result in permanent hair loss. Make sure to use reputable products. Chemical burns can be seen in the analysis.

Shampoos such as Keeping the Color and Protein Conditioner can revitalize, repair and protect treated and colored hair.