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Help Fade Bruises That Won't Go Away

Often a bruise is caused by a painful traumatic event, but sometimes when this happens it takes a long time for the bruise to fade or disappear. This could be because of the severity of the injury or due to where the bruise is located. Most bruises last a few days at the most but if the injury is severe they can last weeks.

For example bruises on the legs can take longer to heal due to constant use of the legs. Bruises can leave your body sore and tender to the touch so the quicker you get rid of them you better you will feel. The key to treating busies is finding a skin product that will heal the damaged area and help stop any minor bleeding caused by the trauma.

Helping Repair The Damage

While some bruises are caused by rupture of arteries (that may require immediate medical attention), most bruising results from subcutaneous capillary damage near the surface or just below the surface of the tissue.

Fading of most bruises occurs naturally with time. However, some damage to capillaries may take months. This is where topical treatments may help provide accelerated healing by promoting self-healing of the vessels as well as fading darkened, discolored areas.

The best thing to do this a cream with vitamin k. This will absorb into the skin and help clot tiny bleeds and help the blood that is pooled under the skin dissolve faster. This will help ease the tension on the bruise and make it less tender in turn helping it heal much faster.