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Exercise for the Neck

Strengthen, Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion, and Tighten Neck Wrinkles

Exercise for the Neck increases strength, range of motion and flexibility! You can get a stronger, firmer neck while reducing wrinkles and sagging neck skin! Have a double chin, turkey neck, sagging? A few simple, easy exercise daily can have your neck smooth, firm and younger looking!

As far as workouts go, it seems that the neck area of your body is always overlooked. It is no surprise there is no machine in the gym that will strengthen these muscles. It is not that people want to ignore this area when they work out. People simply believe that as you work the rest of the body, that the neck will be strengthened with it. There is very little truth to that statement.

While the neck muscles will get a bit of a workout with various exercises, you won’t get the results you’re after. In order to see results you’ll want specific exercises targeting these areas.

Neck FlexionNeck cream

The first exercise that you should get in your routine is called “Neck Flexion.” The way that you perform this exercise is by getting a chair and sitting with your back straight while looking at the ceiling. As you are doing this you should use your hands by applying resistance with both of them on the back of your head.

The pressure that you are applying while doing this exercise helps strengthen the muscles on the back and sides of the neck area and helps improve flexibility and front and back range of motion.

Neck Extension

The next exercise that you should try is called the “Neck Extension.” Place your hands on your forehead this time and apply pressure. While doing that move your head until the chin reaches the chest.

This works muscles on the front and sides of the also helpful reducing wrinkles and skin tightens and muscles build. There really is no reason why you should not add these exercises because when you work out you want to make sure that all of your body is getting the proper attention. You do not want to be a person that looks in great shape everywhere but ends up with a pencil neck. This is a great exercise for the neck because it is easy, time-saving and you get real benefits.

Here are some
more neck exercises.

Good For Overall Health

Of course these exercises are not only for those that decide that they want to be in the best shape of their lives. You need to have strength and flexibility to avoid or reduce pain and stiffness, double chin, neck wrinkles, fatigue and weakness. These exercises give you a strong neck and that can be the difference between getting injured and walking away with just a little bit of pain. Using a neck firming cream can also help reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. A neck cream works very well to compliment your exercise for getting skin tight and reducing the appearance of aging.

A stronger neck also means that there is less of a chance of pulling the muscles; the reason for that is that every time that you do for strength, but also for stretching.

Every trainer will tell you that stretching will reduce the chance of an injury. As with any exercise routine, it’s a good idea to speak with your physician before starting and remember to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of fluids to increase the pliability and health of your skin and is a good way to
prevent neck wrinkles
from occurring.

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