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How to Evaluate a Spider Vein Treatment

Although the occurrence of spider veins appears cosmetic in nature they are an issue that affects the proper operation of blood flow through the body. Spider veins occur when blood vessels dilate and appear through the subdermal tissues.

Addressing the issue is important, not only from the proper operation of the body point of view, but from the psychological point of view. Seeing spider veins appear on your legs and sometimes face can be fairly discouraging.

The problem is, after you do begin to address the issue, how can you assess the progress that is being made? There are several alternatives for spider vein removal; some take longer than others. There are a few thoughts on this matter with all usually resulting in the desired result.

Not an overnight solution

The first hope that many people have is that their spider veins will magically go away overnight. This is just not the case.

Regardless of the spider vein treatment option that you choose it will take time to see results or healing. Emotionally, this is not generally what a person addressing the issue wants to hear, but it is the current state of the issue today.

A spider vein cream product may be the best way to more quickly address symptoms of spider veins as they start to appear or if the skin becomes red but it will still need several applications to work

Sit and wait

As people age they start to see the effects of gravity. Spider veins are partly a result of the body dealing with gravity. Part of the blood systems vein system includes tiny valves that shut to stop blood from flowing toward the ground when you stand or are generally upright.

If the valve fails small new veins are created to deal with the issue. These are the spider veins. If you can stay off your feet where possible you may see a better response to other forms of dealing with the overall spider vein issue.

Size matters

Most people going through the process of minimizing their spider veins don’t want to hear that the best way to evaluate the treatment of your spider veins is time. If the issue started out with small veins, watching them goes away is the best evaluation technique.

If there is a larger vein involved, its diminishing along with the disappearance of smaller veins is a good evaluation.
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