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Using Emu Oil for Treatment of Cancer Radiation Burns

Several months ago a very close acquaintance and friend was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma, aka SCC (one of several types of skin cancer) which was originally diagnosed as Lymphoma. It started when he began experiencing vertigo and losing a little bit of weight.

Assuming the vertigo was related to an inner-ear problem, he scheduled an appointment with an ENT (ears, nose, throat) physician. After the typical panel of blood tests and a physical, they identified a "spot" on the back of his tongue that looked suspicious. A biopsy was performed.

Unfortunately, the results cam back positive, however the prognosis was upbeat that it could be treated effectively and the cancer was found early; however, there was a possibility the cancer had spread to the auditory canal and is affecting the vestibular nerve - thereby resulting in equilibrium problems.

After numerous rounds of additional testing, he was scheduled for ~8 weeks of chemo therapy (CisPlatin) and radiation treatments.

Effects of Radiation Treatment

Nourish Emu OilThe treatment was focused on his neck area to target the malignancy on the tongue. The treatment progressively burned the tissue of the neck area...similar to a second-degree burn. In keeping with his good spirit, he mentioned the advantage of not having to shave!

His oncologist during one of their treatment sessions recommend using emu oil to help heal the burned tissue. Knowing that Healthy Hair Plus, sold pure Emu Oil, he called us with that information.

A little background on Emu Oil

If you are not familiar with Emu Oil, it has been used extensively "down under" in Australia and New Zealand for thousands of years has a common remedy for skin ailments. It is used to treat burns, cuts, rashes, help heal lacerations, and even to help prevent scarring and stretchmarks. While it sounds a bit like "snake oil", it is super-effective for skin treatments and has been studied extensively for its' efficacy.

Why is it helpful?

Emu Oil is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 - fatty acids that have been shown to help the tissue healing process promoting healthy regeneration of skin cells. It is also transdermal - meaning it has a unique ability to penetrate deep into tissue - effectively acting as a carrier oil when used with other ingredients. Additionally, it has natural antifungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties making it especially useful for wound healing where bacteria or fungal infection may be a risk.

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