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Dry Skin Face Wash & Dry Skin Face Toner

Effective Moisturizing Skin Care

Dehydration, exposure to the elements, poor diet, and genetic factors are causes of dry skin. If you have unsightly 'flaky' skin, or if it feels tight and dry, then you need a skin product regimen suitable dry skin.

Follow a three-step routine: cleanse, tone and moisturize. Take a look at how these steps will help you steer clear of dry skin and give you a suppler, younger-looking, moisturized complexion. Face Wash for Dry Skin

The most effective for cleansing dry, tender facial skin
Nourish dry skin face wash
Skin cleansing is probably the only thing that most women do not forget to do on a daily basis. When you shower or take a bath, the soap you use serves as a body cleanser. This is effective in getting rid of the dirt and grime that accumulate on your body. But, what about your face? Facial skin needs special care and attention which is why you need to use special facial skin cleansers.

Bar soaps only cause dryness.

It is important to is a Dry Skin Facial Wash if you are prone to dryness. At the end of the day, you need to remove makeup or wash your face to remove the deep-seated dirt from pollution and harsh elements that your skin has been exposed. Splashing water on your face will not do the job, so you need a good facial wash which is specially formulated for dry skin.

A wash and toner designed to re-hydrate and moisturize!

When buying any type of beauty product, check on the ingredients to know if they will be suitable for your skin type or not.

A good dry skin facial wash should not have any harsh ingredients or surfactants that may irritate the skin. Choose a gentle cleanser with herbal extracts, Omega 3's and natural oils. These ingredients help cleanse while replenishing lost moisture. Treatment and Toner for Dry Skin

Next, use a dry skin face toner.

The job of face toners is to remove the final traces of makeup, dirt and oil. A good dry skin face toner should be alcohol-free to promote a deep-cleansing effect without overly drying dermal layers. Face toners should have moisturizing effects to help get rid of dry skin. A quality dry skin face toner also contains natural ingredients like thyme, sage, elderflower, cleavers, sunflower seed products for dry skin below seed extract and nettle.

Finally, moisturizing is required after cleansing and toning. Use a good moisturizer cream or lotion, like Clear Complexion Cream, to help seal or lock in the moisture in your skin which may have been lost during cleansing.

By following this three-step guide and using the right dry skin facial wash and toner products as part of your daily beauty regimen, you can definitely say goodbye to those problematic dry skin care days.

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