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Doe Minoxidil Help a Receding Hairline?

The most common cause of receding hairline is male pattern baldness, which is caused by a testosterone derivative called dihydrotestosterone, commonly referred to as DHT. DHT, synthesized by enzymes in areas of the body including the prostrate and hair follicles, has a minimizing effect on the follicles.

When DHT is synthesized in follicles, which are sensitive to the hormone, the follicles begin to shrink as they are not able to receive the nutrients required for them to produce hair. The shrinking follicles will begin to grow hair more slowly, and eventually the follicles will stop producing any. As long as the DHT remains in the follicles, no hair will grow in the affected follicles. The follicles at the hairline are the first to be affected by DHT.

How Minoxidil Works

Minoxidil can help receding hairline by prohibiting DHT from being synthesized in follicles. Without DHT, the follicles will resume growing hair.

Minoxidil also helps to prevent baldness from “spreading” because new hair follicles won’t be affected by DHT either once the medication is applied.

While Minoxidil does not work on everyone, some users will be able to prevent receding further when using Minoxidil. Some, but not all, will grow new hair. New growth sometimes resumes natural patterns, including growing as quickly as it did before and producing the same color and texture as it was previously. Some users will grow new hair using products like Prominox, but it may be finer or of a lighter color than what originally grew there.

Use Of Minoxidil For Receding Hairline

A product containing 5% Minoxidil in a liquid solution is the most common strength for hair loss products used for male pattern baldness. The solution is rubbed into the hair and the scalp daily. It can take several months before any noticeable growth results, and some users never begin growing new hair. Most all users, however, notice that new loss does not occur while it is being used.

The problem with DHT is that once the Minoxidil product is no longer being used, it will resume affecting the follicles, again causing them to shrink and eventually stop producing. This means that whatever the degree of results that occur from use, once the product is no longer used, new growth will stop. In addition, what was grown while using it will also fall out. Using either a topical application or a hair loss shampoo for men is two of the most effective uses of Minoxidil for receding hairline.