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Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Everyone knows what dandruff looks like. It is the little white specks that are sometimes shed from the scalp onto the shoulders of your clothing. If you wear a dark jacket or blouse, these tiny white flakes are quite annoying because of their visibility and the ensuing embarrassment. What is more important however, is the reason for shedding these flakes. It is not a normal condition to have dandruff. Dandruff occurs when there is a large turn-over of skin cells in which the newly growing cells push old cells from the scalp. This can happen as a manifestation of disease. Under rare circumstances dandruff can also be the result of poor hygiene. In almost all cases, however, dandruff has nothing to do with hygiene.

Does Flaking, Itching & Irritation Cause Loss?dandruff shampoo follicleanse

Dandruff itself cannot cause hair to fall out. Indirectly, however, it may play a large role of hair loss. The cause of the dandruff must be detected in order to know why hair is being lost in abnormal amounts. If the flaking is due to eczema, this skin condition must first be treated before flaking of the scalp stops as well as hair loss. Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis also causes hair loss and skin flaking. Another reason for dandruff to appear is sudden hormonal changes. All these conditions are treatable and must be alleviated before relief from flaking skin and hair loss can be expected.

Dandruff Can Cause Itching, Infection of the Scalp, Irritation & Inflammation

As the dead skin cells of dandruff are expelled from the scalp, sensory perception will let you feel the itch when the dead cells separate from the living cells. Your natural inclination to an itch is to scratch. Here lies the problem sometimes. Scratching the area where the flakes arose, may give you a superficial skin infection. This can progress to a more pronounced infection and in time, may actually lead to hair loss unless it is treated. Only in this indirect sense can dandruff cause hair loss.

How To Stop the Cause & Symptoms

There are several medicated shampoos on the market that treat dandruff that is not due to serious disease but to perhaps hormonal imbalances or excessive oil production on the scalp. Through and frequent cleansing of hair and scalp with a recommended dandruff shampoo will soon bring your skin pH back into balance. You may be paying particular attention to any changes you have made in shampoo or conditioner prior to the appearance of dandruff. If you are using a different shampoo, change it either back to what you used before or to a different one. Avoid adding anything to your hair, like hair spray or hair oils that feel thick and heavy.

What Causes Hair Loss, If Not Dandruff

Hair loss is due to a variety of causes. Genetics play a huge part in when you lose your hair and how much you lose. Women generally fare better in this than men because if the much smaller amounts of DHT in women, although women too, can lose much or most of their hair. Other reasons for hair loss are serious illnesses. Dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis symptoms can also lead to thinning and hair falling out. Treatment for those illnesses is often more damaging to hair than the illnesses themselves. Many medications are directed toward cells that have fast turn-over. Skin and hair cells fall into that category. Extreme stress also wreaks its effects on hair. When people are under stress, their hair seems to fall out in greater numbers.
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