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Do Dry Shampoos Really Work?

People have been sprinkling clay, rice flour, and other absorbent products on their hair for hundreds of years to rid hair of excess oil. In the 1970s, dry shampoos became popular due to their ability to save time in a person’s morning routine. Today, they are popular again - for the same reasons, but formulas and applicators have improved significantly. This rise in popularity is not only due to a dry shampoo’s ability as a quick fix when you oversleep, but also because people are more concerned about the effects of frequent, regular shampooing and its effects on dryness, irritating scalp conditions, and fading of color treatments; as with most hair care products, some dry shampoos work better than others.

How They Work

Dry shampoos come in both powder and aerosol forms. Both contain oil absorbent ingredients that remove/absorb excess oil from the scalp without chemically stripping color or perms. The oil absorbent qualities soak-up excess oil to make hairstyle resemble, feel and smell freshly washed. Many add volume as well.

Dry shampoos can be used at the end of the work day, for example, to give hair a boost and remove excess oil before heading out for the evening. Unlike regular wet shampoos, they do not remove dirt and grime that accumulate on follicle strands. They are not recommended as a replacement for wet shampoo, but can be used in between to revive, soak-up oil and to give a clean look if you are in a hurry and have little time to get ready.

Powdered Dry Shampoos

Powdered dry shampoos are sprinkled onto the hair, concentrating on the roots, and then combed through. This makes your style look clean, and the powdered dry shampoos are often lightly scented, which adds a clean smell as well. Some contain color and pigmentation enhancement that you can match to your hue so that you don’t have to worry about white residue or powdery flakes. Many are made from organic products for a chemical-free “clean”. Some people complain that powdered dry shampoos are messy to apply, and that they waste a lot of the product while trying to use them.

Aerosol Dry Shampoos

Aerosol dry shampoos contain absorbent agents, fragrance and, of course, aerosol propellants. They are sprayed directly onto the roots and combed through to remove accumulated oils. Like powdered versions, these do not remove dirt; they only soak up excess oil to give hair a freshened appearance. Most users of dry shampoo report that aerosol dry shampoos are easier to use then powdered ones because they are less messy and they don’t waste the product. From user feedback, reviews, and staff experience, they make a periodic, good shampoo for oily hair.

Home Remedies

A specially formulated dry shampoo can be expensive in stores. Many people find that they can use common household products as dry shampoos to be used in between wet washings. Cornstarch is one product typically used. Talcum powder and baby powder are also used. To get the best results, sprinkle the powder onto hair, concentrating primarily on the root area, rub the powder gently into the roots, and then comb the powder through to the ends. If you have dark hair, you will need to rub the powder in well so that it doesn’t show on your hair or scalp.

Another good technique for removing excess powder is to use a blow dryer. Hang your head over so you hair hangs down and use a clean brush to brush through - we recommend from the back to the front, then reverse the process. This works well for "home remedies" as well as areosol and powdered brands/products. Given the intent is to save time and avoid shampooing, you do not want to add a problem to your styling list by having powder or flakes in your head and shoulders.
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