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DHT: Cause of Hair Loss in Men and Women

It is reported that men get their DHT as early as 13 years old. DHT is the conversion of testosterone to a derivative of Testosterone that is commonly known as DHT. It can be present in men and women. DHT works to break down a hair follicle by attaching itself to genetically predetermined hair follicles. It can cause the blood supply that feeds a hair to become damaged.

DHT slowly thins a hair over time for most men and women. Men have genetically predisposed hairs located on the crown and at the hair line and temples. The final result for some men is the loss of hair on the top of the head in the shape of a horse-shoe. It is important to note the pattern of thinning cannot determine the exact cause of hair loss.

DHT and hair loss

Women have receptors located over the entire head. This is why women have general thinning. It is impossible to diagnose DHT hair loss based on the pattern of hair loss because mineral deficiency as well as iron deficiency, deep dirt and sebum plug and many others gives the same appearance in women.

Our microscopic analysis can see the effects of DHT on the root and stem of the hair. DHT can also compromise the blood supply, therefore hair nutrition must be assessed and treated as well in those wanting any type of "regrowth effect".

DHT usually causes several related types of hair loss including hair nutrition deficiencies and emotional stress that can affect the hair as well. The hair grows shorter in the scalp and the result in a much thinner hair and many times complete atrophy. there are products that thicken the scalps skin and cause the hair to grow deeper for a better blood supply and ultimately thicker hair.

Treating DHT After Analysis:

In recent years scientists have found that products such as saw palmetto and many other products including vitamins and minerals such zinc and B-vitamins help to stop the effects of DHT. One of these products alone has not been enough to stop DHT but recently natural products have been developed that help to both stop the conversion of testosterone to DHT as well to bind to the receptor sites that DHT would normally bind to.

This leaves no place for the DHT at the receptor sites on the hair. Treating DHT in conjunction with treating the nutritional effects that DHT causes can give both men and men very pleasing results by stopping hair loss and in many cases allowing thin hairs to expand again. Products used are hair stimulants, enzyme blockers, natural products such as EMU OIL that prohibit formation of DHT.

Enzy Block DHT Blocker

Here are some more of the causes hair loss in men and women:

Trichoptilosis, Trichorrexhis Nodosa, Trichonodosis, Alopecia Areata, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Piedra, Plugged Follicle, Telogen Effluvium, Anagen Effluvium, Latrogenic Alopecia, Traction Alopecia, Trichokryptomania, Septic Foci Alopecia, Menopausal Alopecia, depression, physical stress, emotional stress hair loss, Chronic Psoriasis hair thinning, chemotherapy, Folliculitis Decalvans, chemical hair loss from cosmetic treatments and perms, post natal alopecia and others. Hair loss after pregnancy.

Everyone should deep cleanse their hair at least once per week with a shampoo for DHT. The results are very good in men and women that deep cleanse their hair. It enhances circulation that feeds the root of the hair. It is like putting a new air filter and clean gasoline in your car!

This plug wraps around the bottom part of the bulb (the reproducing part of the hair) Over time Sebum becomes very hard and mixes with the cholesterol on the scalp to either cause hair loss or accelerate hair loss. To remove sebum, cholesterol, bacteria, dirt & demodex from the scalp you should use Folli-cleanse shampoo & Jojoba Oil.

Directions: After slightly wetting hair pour a quarter size of Follicleanse shampoo into the palm of hand. Then pour about 5 drops of Jojoba oil into the same palm of hand and rub hands together to lather the Follicleanse and Jojoba oil mix. Apply to scalp and gently massage directly to the scalp and then work into the hair. Let sit on the scalp for 1-2 minutes and then rinse! Repeat if you choose!

Adult men and women of any age can suffer from sebum plug. The sebum hardens and mixes with cholesterol to form hardened plugs that can surround the hair. This does not allow cell respiration. Eventually, if not cleared, bacteria will also attach to the hardened plug and this can also cause further problems with hair.

Over 80% of women complaining of hair problems had sebum, bacteria or dirt surrounding the hair bulb not allowing cell respiration. This must be removed.