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Stop the Itch and Flaking of Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Treat the Symptoms & Treat the cause

Controlling dandruff and dermatitis - and their symptoms - is the first step towards stopping the itch and flaking that can drive you crazy!

Long considered a symptom, Dandruff is more of a disease...and generally another name for seborrheic dermatitis. You could also mistake a fungal infection for seborrheic dermatitis you can check this by trying a an antifungal daily shampoo, to see if it stops the itching.

While the annoying scratching and flaking have been treated with moisturizing dandruff shampoos, understanding the physiology behind dermatitis helps us understand the secrets, in fact, the tips to soothing the itch and getting your scalp healthy again.
What's the cause?
There are many points of blame for dandruff - excess oils in the scalp, irritation to shampoo and styling aids, stress and scalp dryness. But, researchers have shown in repeated studies that fungus (fungi) is the primary contributor.
It's not too hard to understand really. Whenever we have a fungus infection on our skin, what happens. It becomes itchy, we scratch, it becomes inflamed, and some instances creates sores and tenderness - often scabbing and flaking. The same thing happens to our scalp!
So what's the real culprit? Malassezia Fungi
Extensive research studies have shown the primary cause of dandruff (i.e. seborrheic dermatitis) lies with the fungi produced when oils on the scalp combine with the fungus Malassezia microbes triggering an inflammatory response. this develops into itching and scabbing on the scalp - thus greasy flaking.

Tips for Stopping Malassezia Fungi and ensuing Dandruff
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  1. Use a dandruff shampoo with Zinc or Zinc PCA - Zinc is well known for naturally slowing and regulating the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Combined with other ingredients that help soothe the scalp and stop microbial or fungus infection, a balanced dandruff scalp shampoo can help stop Malassazia from growing.
  2. Avoid extreme temperature changes - heat and humidity increase the growth of fungi. Dampness and lack or regular cleansing create a prime environment of fungal family growth. Periodic use of anti-fungal shampoos that guard against microbes and inflammation help rid impurities in between dandruff treatments.
  3. Avoid excessive use of styling products - Accumulation of sprays, gels and creams harbor an environment whereby sebum, spent skin and hair cells, and dirt can coagulate - creating an ideal for fungus to grow and spread.
  4. Fashion-wise - avoid dark clothing - The "rain" of flakes on the shoulders is very obvious on dark and porous clothing such as wool or cotton. Until the disease is under control, there is no sense in advertising the problem.
  5. Shower or bathe with mild soaps - While seborrhea may well be hereditary, mild soaps and body washes - especially if they contain emu oil, can help improve resistance to fungi development which may occur on the arms, neck, chest and around the ears.
  6. Use a sulfate-free shampoo as your daily shampoo - Generally shampoos for dandruff should be used for several weeks, then you should alternate with a daily, moisturizing shampoo...preferably one that is sulfate-free. While there continues to be debate as to damage sulfates may cause, sulfates are shown to cause irritation and infection on some sensitive scalps. We recommend daily use of a non-sulfate cleanser. It is generally considered a safe bet regarding scalp and hair health to use shampoos and conditioners with no sulfates. Allergic reactions, inflammation, flaking and resulting scratching can open tissue and sores providing a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and scalp acne. Many of our customers consider a "sulfate-free" a must have hair product

Dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Malassezia Fungi can be controlled
Daily or periodic of an effective, researched dandruff shampoo can help regulate oil production, irrigate pores of fungi and aid to improve scalp tissue health. Periodic use of an anti-fungal shampoo can further provide protection and healing of scalp problems while ensuring cleanliness and needed moisture for healthy follicle and tissue cell growth.

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