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Cost and Expense of Spider Veins Treatments

Understand if Treatment is Expensive

When considering treatment options, results, effectiveness and expense go hand-in hand. Though many people give little or minimal consideration to cost when it comes to health issues, vein treatment is rarely covered by insurance; and follow-up care, medicines and post-operative supplies are often left to the patient to cover.

Typical cost of Spider Veins Removal

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has estimated the national (USA) average of the cost of typical spider vein removal is between $300 and $350. Various regions and areas have differing rates and costs vary wildly depending on suburban, city and rural geography - as does the availability of centers and specialists.

Total expense is also a function of care required after surgery or procedures. Many procedures need second or third visits and require creams, bandaging and a bit of tender care for optimal healing of wounds, incisions or burns.

Affordable Options

The three primary options are Sclerotherapy, or saline injections, laser therapy, and creams.

  • Sclerotherapy can be used for "feeder veins" that lead to small or end capillaries. Saline flushes out and helps coagulate brnch and matt effect. Some pain is experienced during and after the procedure; and there are generally no long-term side effect

  • Laser treatment involves a cosmetic laser to burn and coterize the effected area. Again, some pain is experienced and recovery is often 2-4 weeks as burned tissue heals. Post-procedural care involves creams and moisturizers to help heal the burns and avoid scarring.

  • Treatment creams are the most effective and involve no pain or side effects. Vitamin K and Phytotonine creams flush and clear veins similarly to saline and help repair broken walls and valves which lead tom many spider veins both on the legs, face and nose. Generally the least expensive providing long-term treatment and protection.

While treatment is not necessary in general for protruding or visible symptoms, many women and men prefer some sort of remedy due to the very visible coloring on the legs - where women are most prone. Read this article on why treatments are necessary to determine what is best for you.