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Common Dry Scalp Symptoms

While there are a number of conditions that can affect the scalp, such as flaky patches or itching and burning, sometimes the problem is simply due to a case of dry skin.

The sebaceous gland in the skin produces oil. On the scalp, the oil produced is called sebum. In some cases, sebum production may be inhibited, causing the skin to dry out. Other times, sebum production may be normal, but factors are causing the scalp to become dry.


Itching is a common symptom of dry scalp. When the skin on the head loses some of its oily, protective coating, moisture can seep out through the skin. This can cause the dead cells, the outer layer of skin, to become dry and cracked.

The cracking allows toxins, debris, and the elements to get through the protective layer, causing irritation. Because the irritation is typically mild, mild to severe itching is the usual result. Scratching the scalp further irritates the skin cells, causing the itch to increase.
Another common symptom of dry scalp is flaking. It is natural for dead skin cells to be shed from all parts of the body, including the scalp. Normally, this shedding occurs during bathing and when combing or brushing and it isnít noticeable.

When skin is overly dry, patches of dead cells can flake off in visible pieces. These patches of skin cells might be visible in your comb or brush, or you may find them sitting noticeably atop your outer layers of clothing. In addition to dead skin cells, residue from hair spray and other styling products can also flake off, and this type of flaking is indiscernible from skin cells.

You should use a dry scalp shampoo like Nourish's Emu Oil Shampoo that can moisturize flaking or itchy scalp tissue while helping healing rash and excessive dryness.

Contributing Factorsshampoo for dry hair and scalp

In many cases, your grooming habits may be causing your scalp to dry out. If you take overly hot showers or baths, the heat can dry out your skin. Blow drying on a high heat setting can also reduce the amount of moisture in your skin.

The chemicals used to perm and color hair are also contributors. Some hair products, such as hairsprays, contain alcohol, which can decrease the amount of moisture on your head and skin. Additionally, if styling products arenít washed completely from hair, they can build up and dry out the scalp.

Sometimes, the dryness may be due to your environment. In the winter, air is naturally less humid, which can dry out your skin. Many people also use heating that does not provide humidity, such as electric heat. With the lack of humidity both in your home and outside, the winter months can bring dryness to your scalp.

Of course, the heat of the sun can also be drying. In addition, the chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pools can also affect the
ph balance of your skin, causing dryness. Additionally, using a gentle, non-sulfate baby shampoo for dry scalp is helpful because infants and babies can easily get irritated skin due to dry weather, bathing, heat and some clothing items.

Adding humidity into your environment, reducing the amount of chemicals you use on your hair, choosing warm rather than hot water and using moisturizing products, can all help to soothe your skin and eliminate your symptoms.
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